A Japanese ‘Cat Island’. Aoshima Island is one of the popular “cat islands” around Japan, small places where there are significantly more feline residents than people. Cats outnumber humans six to one on Aoshima. Recently, the island became very popular online. Mr. Bowie was just checking out the article in my newspaper.

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  1. Yes, that’s right! 🙂 Aoshima is often referred to as ‘cat’s paradise’ here. Coincidentally, Aoshima Island is part of Ehime prefecture…which is near my hometown. So, it’s a small world 🙂

      • Unfortunately, I’ve never been there. Isn’t it ironic, how we don’t visit the places that are close to us in distance? Now I live in Tokyo, so it’s much more inconvenient to go there…

        • I know… I used to drive more than 1.000 km in my car to the south of France for my holidays while there’s so much beauty in my own land.

  2. Oh yes! We read something online about that island yesterday in fact……all those kitties in one place – imagine all the friends we’d make Mr. Bowie!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. I think Mr Bowie is very happy where he is too. When I was in Japan I visited Kishi station. (worth a google!)

    • Impressive… A train station and the stationmaster is a cat! But you are right about Mr. Bowie, Sharon. I think he prefers to be on his own.

  4. I read about that online and saw a video. A very interesting place, but Mr. Bowie is used to his space and might not like to visit. It’s neat tho, all those cats just roaming around.

    • I loved a lot of those photographs. But you’re right, I guess Mr. Bowie wouldn’t like so many cats in his neighbourhood…

  5. Herman I think Mr. Bowie likes being king of the cats in his own kingdom, but as a photographer you might like to check out this photo blog, He has been documenting the community cats in his part of Japan for years and does some impressive photography. The site is in Japanese but the pictures need no translation

    • Thanks for the link to that site, Angela. Great pictures! No translation needed. Google “Misao and Fukumaru” when you get a chance. I bought the book. Also in Japanese, but no translation needed. Another great story.

      • There was an article in my newspaper some months ago about “Misao and Fukumaru”. You can almost feel the love that’s between the woman and her cat. Beautiful.

    • Thank you for the link, Angela. I love the photographs. All the cats seems to be in a good condition…

  6. Oh yes, I’ve seen stories. I could never go, I’d want to take them all home. I wonder who cares for them? Or if they plan to neuter (sorry Mr Bowie) all the males. At some point you would think there’d be too many kitty’s. I need to do some homework, I have too many questions. What did Mr Bowie think?

    • Well, the cats seems to be in a good condition on the photographs. Let’s hope they get good health care and lots of food…

  7. I saw the video on “cat island.” I adore cats, but there are too many to get under foot.
    I’m sure Mr. Bowie is happy right where he is, and he doesn’t have to share all his treats.

    • I don’t have enough money to buy treats for so many cats… And you’re right, Mr. Bowie prefers to stay home… 😉

  8. Somehow, when I looked at the photos in the link, I felt sad. I suppose i want to save them, as Pilch92 said…cats need a home like Mr. Bowie and Dylan and Bagheera have. Perhaps it is due to my blue mood today…I saw a poor, departed kitty on the roadside this morning :(.

  9. The question is, should we all meet for that birthday dark chocolate and espresso on Aoshima? That sounds like a fun trip to me! Boys — Herman, Mr. Bowie — are you up for it? No, hang on a second. What’s that, Bugs? You don’t want to go? Oh. Are you sure? Really sure? OK. Sorry Herman and Mr. Bee. Mr. Bugs says no. So we’ll just have to have our caffeine together but separately, you in Belgique and we in USA. Ready, steady, go! Raise cups! A wonderful birthday, thanks to you!

    • Hope you had a wonderful day, my dear friend.
      I think Mr. Bugs is right. Let’s just stay home and enjoy our espresso and dark Belgian chocolate. Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

  10. Wow, must be cat paradise and birdie hell. I have my two conflicting passions birds and cats and try to keep a happy balance at home. Can’t imagine it on this island though.

          • With four cats about the place it could be an option. Although I already have a outline of a novel for them called Catastrophic about some cats on a dairy farm who have to deal with a catastrophic bush fire day. One of my many cat stories on the back burner. I might add this one thanks.

              • The cats have to band together and work as a team to survive. They discover some very interesting things about themselves when tested. This story came about because my four cats each came to the house at a different time so none of them get along…….we had a bushfire where we had to leave the house and we worried about the cats the whole time because we could not find them on the day of the fire. Cats are smart and the fire never got to our property but the seed of a story was planted. So yes there will be a happy ending because it will be written for ten year olds.

    • Ha ha ha… that’s a good one. Your friend is so right, that island must be heaven for cat lovers…

  11. For me,this is Heaven on Earth!Leave me there….(I know,mr Bowie,you and my cats,don’t like this place but you can always be Kings (and a Queen) there too,as in our houses,don’t you?)

  12. I have never heard of “cat islands” before but I think the Moroccan town of Chefchaouen (also known as The Blue City) must qualify as one of them. The first night we visited, my husband and I had eight or ten cats underneath our table giving us that “look.” After moving there and living there for four months, we have come to realize that many of these seeming strays are well cared for by members of the town and other “Blue City Kitties” are cared for generally by the restauranteurs and kind-hearted souls who make a practice of taking food (usually bread soaked in milk) around and depositing it in certain places for the cats to eat. There are about 30,000 humans living in the Chefchaouen area. How many felines? I could not say but I could easily imagine their number to be greater than that. Thanks for the info and enjoy the article, Mr. Bowie. Perhaps Herman can Google The Blue City and you can see your cousins in Morocco, Alia

    • Thank you so much for all this information, Alia. This was new to me, I haven’t heard of the Moroccan town of Chefchaouen. We checked it out via Google and were impressed by the beauty of Chefchaouen. Thanks!

      • You’re welcome Herman. We have been blessed to live there and get to know the locals. VERY friendly people. The Blue City is a tourist destination of both Moroccans and global travelers. It’s indeed a sweet spot on the Earth. ♥ Alia

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