Fresh Air


I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face. A house built to modern standards of tight construction will allow only a very small amount of outside air to leak in. But fresh air is needed to dilute the products of human habitation (cooking, cleaning, breathing, combustion, etc.). After the cavity wall insulation and replacing the old garage door last year, I had to increase the amount of fresh air in Mr. Bowie’s suite. Fresh air is essential to prevent mold and mildew in homes. And we want to make sure that Mr. Bowie stays healthy.

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  1. Yes, I think all cats deserve a suite!!!!

    I am fanatical about fresh air. I have these insulating windows etc. and am forever opening them a crack because I simply can’t stand being bottled up with a day’s worth of exhalations.

  2. Willow cat likes to hang out over the floor vent for air, no matter what the season. Abby cat likes the heat coming up in winter, and hangs out on the heating vents like a deep sea tube worm over a hydrothermal vent. We call it “tubeworming” when the cats hang out over heating vents.

  3. Since the furnace has been going non-stop the last few weeks I have noticed a smell of hot metal and dust which I do NOT like. I wonder what Mr. Bowie is smelling there. We are supposed to have a couple of warm days coming up and I will take the trouble to undo the winter windows and let in some outside air. In our house the “playroom” is upstairs and is both warmer and away from the furnace vents which is a good thing for the cats.

    • Neen, ik was wettelijk niet meer in orde omdat er met de nieuwe garagepoort te weinig buitenlucht binnenkwam in de garage (waar de verwarming staat). Ik moest dit onmiddellijk in orde brengen voor de brandverzekering…
      Het condensprobleem is heel wat minder. Soms, als het ‘s nachts heel koud is heb ik er nog wat last van.

  4. Out with the bad air, in with the good.

    Careful Mr Bowie, I never step on grates when I walk down the street. Blossum on the other hand loves to sit on them and have the warm air blow on her tummy.

  5. I agree! ps. I have finished my Mr Bowie “mini me” complete with reversible Kitty bed made from pet Australian alpacas. I am pleased with it. It was a challenge getting the tail fluffy without resorting to a fluffy yarn but I did it. I am pleased with the eyes and position of the ears. It was such fun making something for pleasure. I wanted you to be forewarned because I will blog as Mr Bowie fan art.
    Let me know where I can post it to.
    I will not share the address with anyone.
    Aunt Sharon. ❤

  6. My cats love to listen to the furnace run, at the vents, during the winter. Not so much when the central air is running on a hot day.

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