Cold Shower


Reasons why you should take cold showers. Unfortunately, my electric boiler broke down during the coldest part of the year, leaving me without hot water for two days. It is probably the last thing you want to do, jump into an ice-cold shower. They say a cold water shower is an anti-depressant, it improves blood circulation, it’s good for your skin and hair, it builds mental strength, and it can improve athletic performance. James Bond took cold showers. I personally think hot showers are one of the best things in the whole wide world, especially during the coldest part of the year. So sorry, James. Can you hand me a towel, Mr. Bowie, please?

As an aside, I haven’t seen ‘Birdman’ from Alejandro González Iñárritu and I admit it looks promising. But my favourite movie of the year ‘Boyhood’ from Richard Linklater, a potential front runner, left with just one award, for best supporting actress for Patricia Arquette? Come on guys…

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  1. This must not even be an issue for Mr. Bowie. He turns his back on all showers, I expect. The picture looks like he’s saying “So what if it’s broken? I don’t need it.” I only like a cold shower when I’ve been out working in the garden on a very hot and humid day and got all icky and sticky, otherwise it’s hot, hot, hot!

  2. HATE cold showers…avoid them at all costs! As for “Boyhood” it was fabulous! I haven’t seen “Birdman” either…but I’m certainly glad Patricia Arquette won…she was great in “Boyhood”.

  3. We get used to some things and are lost without them. I don’t care what the cold shower benefits are, hot showers outweigh those benefits. And as I re-discovered after shoulder surgery, bird baths are….for the birds! I’m glad you got all fixed up.

  4. Les choses sont contre nous! Things are most certainly agent us and your boiler would only choose to breakdown during the coldest part of the year. Our furnace quit working when it was -25º C outside. I had no choice but to rebuild it on the spot.

    The easiest way to deal with no hot water in winter is to follow Mr Bowie’s lead and lick yourself clean. Even better, do like our cats and lick each other clean. Sounds a little 50 shades when one thinks about acting like a cat :0

  5. I’m a warm bath person myself. Cold showers… brrr! I haven’t seen Boyhood yet, will watch it this week. I loved The Imitation Game and Still Alice.

  6. I don’t know who the “they” are in listing the benefits of cold showers, but that is simply not on my top ten list. I don’t mind a tepid shower if it is hot outside, but the very thought of taking one in this weather makes me feel cold to the bones. Brrrr….

    • Welcome on HoB, Karron!
      No cold showers for me in this season but sometimes, on a very hot summers day, I like having a cold water shower.

  7. Brrr…I’m with you…hot shower on cold days. Cold is anything chillier than 55 degrees here LOL. I watched the Oscars last night. I’ve only seen two of the movies. Boyhood looks great! I’m not a Michael Keaton fan so Birdman can wait till it comes on our cable system lol. I did like Lady Gaga singing The Sound of Music…I was surprised how well she sang it. Not Julie Andrews for sure (that’s my favorite all time movie) but respectable and nice tone in her voice. Oh and Mr. Bowie’s fur looks like it’s standing up lol.

  8. A cold shower is like a cold shower – only less metaphorical.

    My wife just got back from doing a few errands, including stopping by the local computer & electronics store – there heater broke down. It is minus 27 Celsius – extreme temperature advisory. The store owner & clerks are in boots, coats, hats trying to get some electric heaters going while the repairs are underway.

    May the warmth be with you. 🙂

    • My goodness…!! -27 Celsius…!! Guess I was lucky, it was ‘only’ -4° C in this part of the world. And I got a new boiler… 🙂

  9. I developed a method when I was engaged for about five minutes to a Brit and visited him in London, where the water pressure and boilers are hopeless. I’d boil the kettle, mix the boiling water with tap water in a two-handled dishpan that I found around the place, dump half the mixture over my head while I stood in the tub, shampoo and wash and then dump the other half to rinse. It wasn’t elegant, but it beat a clogged shower sprayer and half-warm water. And it was hot enough to give you that comforting hot shower feeling, if only briefly.

    • Ha ha ha… that’s what you get when you engage yourself to a Brit! 😉 But I love how you found a solution…
      Well, I did something similar for brushing my teeth. I hate doing that with cold water.

  10. Brrrrr, O my, that is bad timing, sorry you had to do the Polar Bear Plunge in your own shower. Do they do this in Belgium? You run into a cold lake and back out again. It’s a crazy challenge.

    I had to record the Oscars and just finished watching, I didn’t see half the movies. I really do want to see ‘The Grande Budapest Hotel’ though. It looks like a real lark and I adore all the actors in it. Did you see that one?

  11. We have tankless hot water here, also known as “instant on” hot water – uses propane. Works great!

    Unusual weather here. It is in the 20s in the morning, and hits 60 by afternoon.

    • My Dad has a hot water installation just like yours. You don’t have to worry about a boiler that can explode… 😉

      Cold and rainy days in this part of the world. I’m waiting for spring to arrive…

  12. In China, you struck while the water was hot, otherwise it was a cold shower, actually drip, and dirty dishes in the sink for days, Here in Massachusetts, hot/warm showers with a pulverizing shower head rule! xo LMA

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