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  1. Heeft Bowie niet een klein beetje mogen proeven, zo`n klein dixieke doen?
    De taart ziet er wel super lekker uit hoor!!!

    • Net zoals op het Puddingfeest, heeft hij even van de crème au beurre geproefd… 🙂
      Ik heb dit wel niet tegen Nancy gezegd… 😉

  2. I’m sure it was delicious to you Herman, but Mr. Bowie is right to be suspicious of chocolate. A nice fish pie for dinner before the dessert would probably have been more to his taste. Hope you enjoyed it.

    • Oh yes, Angela, it was very delicious indeed! But right now I’m going to give Mr. Bowie some extra treats because I feel guilty… 😉

  3. In Mr Bowie’s defence it is always best to at least have a “no thank you bite”… try it once and should it not be to your liking, you politely say… “no thank you”! 😉

  4. Looks like a delicious cake. Too bad there wasn’t a Tuna cake for Mr. Bowie. I hope you did give him extra treats. He’s such a devoted member of the household, from all I gather.

  5. My little cat Boo is sitting here, a bit jealous, she loves cake and will follow the children around picking up the crumbs. I think I will do a picture book about her and call it I Like Cake. Thanks for the inspiration. Hope he enjoyed the cake.

    • Glad you liked the post, Kath. I’m looking forward to see or hear more about your new picture book…
      In the end, Mr. Bowie preferred his daily cat treats…

  6. Was it your birthday cake, if so, Happy Birthday to you, for sure that cake looked like a birthday one, chocolate and espresso, that sounds so much like you. Hope that Mr. Bowie got an extra salmon flavored treat. Because that’s we like says Moshu

    • No Cornelia, it wasn’t my birthday but thanks for the wishes… A good friend came to visit me and I wanted to surprise her with a delicious cake.
      Mr. Bowie got an extra treat that day!

  7. Ut oh…This is a cute pic and Mr. Bowie is certainly interested but isn’t chocolate poisonous for cats? I think it can be. Careful Mr. Bowie! We want you around a lonnnnng time!

  8. No candles, should I assume it’s just “spoil daddy day” Mr Bowie? Glad you’re the official sniffer, never can be too safe. I wish this was a scratch and sniff blog, it looks yummy ❤

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