Going Forward


I’m so sorry, Mr. Bowie. That’s a can of peas, no tuna or wild Alaska salmon. Of course you make mistakes, Mr. Bowie. You are a cat. I’m human. If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. We can only go forward by making mistakes. Would you like a treat?

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

59 responses

  1. Looks like even though he met with disappointment from the contents of the can, he’s checking out the sink in case some morsel of more interesting food MIGHT have landed down there! Good luck Mr. Bowie. Happy hunting….

    Pam and Sam

  2. Much wisdom there…if we’re not making mistakes we aren’t really trying much in this life. Gotta have a good mistake or failure once in a while, or we’re not taking any risks at all.

  3. I see Mr. Bowie believes you have nothing to loose by trying. My Tony comes running at the sound of a can, any can. Speaking of treats, this was a nice treat to start my birthday with Mr. Bowie. Thanks.

    • Happy Birthday, Angela! Wishing you all the best and let’s hope there’s cake, chocolates and espresso!
      Mr. Bowie loves the sound of me opening a jar with yoghurt or junket…

  4. Herman I think Mr. Bowie has been secretly learning to read, in case the smell of food doesn’t always tell what it is……he is a very smart cat, after all.

    • She reminds me of Jones, the cat that lived at my Dad’s place. She also like to eat almost everything she could find. She even liked pineapple, really, I’m not joking!

  5. I’ve never known a cat who didn’t like at least one vegetable. My old Maine, Apricat, was crazy for canned mushrooms, my boyfriend had a cat who would devour Hearts Of Palm, and asparagus is apparently a breakout hit with lots of kitties.

    • Asparagus…?! Really…?! I should give it a try…
      Jones, the cat that used to live at my Dad’s place also liked a lot of vegetables.

  6. Mew mew mew Mr Bowie mee had thee same fing happen thee other day…mee thott it wass sum sorta fish an it wass brocolli soup…peee eeeeeew! 😉
    Now to talk LadyMum into buyin sum tuna fur mee 😉
    Luv Siddhartha Henry ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Mee doess not know how anyone could like brocolli anyfing!! EEEWWW…
        LadyMum did buy sum tuna inn thee can butt no salmon….shee sayss mee iss too young fur that *sighss*
        What do you fink Mr Bowie???
        Siddhartha Henry =^@@^=

  7. Thew day my cats don’t come running when I use the can opener is the day I worry about them! Even then, once I open the can, I have to empty it, then let them sniff the empty can so they know it isn’t kitty food. (The wet cat food I feed them comes in a can with a pop-off lid, so they don’t react to the sound.)

  8. Walking on the kitchen countertops is forbidden here! You would get no treats for doing that! (Best do it at night when everyone is asleep!)

    Greetings from Greg and his cats

    • Hi there, Greg and the cats! Welcome on HoB!
      Now you made me wonder what Mr. Bowie’s doing when I’m asleep… 😉

  9. Our cat Leo loves strawberries, pineapple and popcorn but won’t let us take his photo while he’s eating them for fear that the word might get out and the other cats ridicule him for eating mere “people food.” He must always maintain the cool cat public image.

    • Hi Karl, welcome on HoB. Thank you for visiting and following the blog!
      Please give it another try, I would love to see pictures of Leo eating “people food”… Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

  10. I’m sure Mr. Bowie explained to you that you made a very grave error. Cats do not make mistakes. You obviously opened the wrong can. 🙂

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