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  1. Our cat Hiro was out for about half an hour on lots of fresh snow this morning, and then back with a look that basically said: “What the hell??” How many days til Spring?

  2. Clear the way…….cat tractor coming through! Get back inside soon Mr. Bowie – cold toes are no fun! As for espresso with marshmallows? Count me in……….

    Pam (and Sam)

  3. Both of you got to enjoy the snow in your own way. I’m just having coffee while MaChatte watches the birds out the back window, eating seeds I put out early. No way is she taking a walk in the snow. Hang in there, spring is coming!

  4. Love those little paw prints πŸ™‚ My dog was very brave this morning, trying to make her way in the snow but it was up to the top of her legs so quite difficult. I watched from inside, drinking my coffee…

  5. A lovely photo of Mr, Bowie making tracks in the snow. Is he pondering on those tracks to his left? They are rather large….wonder the size of the bird. Remember the poet wrote something like this..”If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Drink chocolate, keep Mr. Bowie happy with treats and the next season will be here. Enjoy the moment…………

    • Thank you, Ettel. I presume the tracks are from a blackbird. There are always 2 blackbirds in my garden…
      Thanks for the chocolate advice, I’ll keep it in mind!

  6. I love those two sets of tracks in the snow!!! I wonder what Mr. Bowie thought of a bird so brazenly passing through his territory and leaving tracks like that??? Really great shot Herman!

  7. Snow is strictly for good visuals. It’s clear Mr. Bowie understands this as he provided same and then returned to the warmth. Here we have no beautiful snow just freezing rain and even though the sun has come out the cycling on of the furnace every half hour says it’s still cold. I am glad you passed on shoveling, Mr. Bowie needs you in good health.

  8. Follow that bird !!

    It looks like that birdie was out for a little walk about, must have gotten tired of flying. So tedious to flap those little wings over and over again, LOL.
    Sorry your wee toes are in the snow Mr Bowie, maybe you should stay inside and sneak the marshmallows out of your dads cup when he’s distracted by the bird, snicker πŸ˜€
    It’s not all bad, the snow looks like sweet icing sugar sprinkled all over the garden, very pretty indeed xo B

    • Don’t know about you but I like spicy hot chicken soup! But I guess it was something else wondering in my garden… πŸ˜‰

  9. Stay warm! I’ll take my espresso with whip cream and a bit of chocolate please πŸ™‚ Poor Mr Bowie… Come on spring!!! Simon doesn’t want to leave my side or lap–and he is the non-lap cat. πŸ˜€ Take care!

  10. Mr Bowie yur so brave to go out inn thee snow…Mee sniffed thee air an mee wood not put a paw outside….
    Iss so cold outisde here even with thee Sun shinin…
    Where iss Spring? Wait what iss Spring??? Mee wass born last July…..mew mew mew….
    **nose bumpss** Siddhartha henry xxxxx

  11. Beautiful. Thank you for the like on my post about losing my sweet Eliza, and most of all for the solace of these beautiful feline photos and observations.

    • Welcome on HoB, Sandee. Thank you for visiting and following the blog. Much appreciated!
      I was moved when I read about the loss of Eliza. Your post is a very beautiful tribute for a beautiful cat. Wishing you all the best.

  12. Oh my that is one hefty cat! I used to be a dog person but over the year I have developed this love for cats! Love this post, Bowie almost looks like his posing proudly with that bottom!

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