Pancakes Contest


I like pancakes! I was invited for pancakes at Joke and Seb’s place. It’s also the place where Mr. Bowie’s mom and brother live. I had a great time while enjoying their company. As always, the pancakes were delicious! Thank you, my dear friends. Love you.

PS: We hoped Mr. Bowie would join us but, apparently, he had other plans.

34 responses

  1. It’s nice that you shared Mr. Bowie’s nice family with us the way your share your Dad (who I adore). Which is mom and which is brother?

  2. Looks like Mr. Bowie had an invitation for catnip and treats elsewhere… 🙂 Glad you got to enjoy the pancakes, Herman! Rick makes homemade buckwheat pancakes from scratch here. In season, we add fresh blueberries or blackberries..

  3. I met my two cats’ auntie and step sister by accident at the veterinarian’s one day, and was pleased to see where they had certain family traits in common, mostly in niceness.

    It’s great to “meet” Mr. Bowie’s family. too, to see where he gets his good looks!

  4. Mmmmm, pancakes sound yummy. It’s 4:25am here and I haven’t been to bed yet. Drats on insomnia. Glad your light was still on 😉
    Well Mr Bowie sure did take after his mom. I think they’re both adorable and looks like they know their way around the kitchen. When it’s just me and the kitty’s, they like to perch up on our kitchen island bar. But when their dad’s home, he doesn’t allow it….boooooo! Obviously, I’m their favourite. I’m good cop, the one who get’s to spoil. Daddy’s bad cop. He gets to do the disciplining. It’s a rotten job but someone has to do it 😀

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