Facing the Elements


Facing the cold. It was a bright cold day, yesterday. When the cold weather comes, a lot of people hang up the bikes for the winter. But not my Dad, he surprised us with a visit. He’s one tough dude! We had espressos and chocolate. And cat treats for Mr. Bowie, of course… They enjoy being together. My Dad turns 90 in March.

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  1. Wat hebben Bowie en Ba toch een mooie relatie!!
    En voor de rest zie ik alleen maar dingen om van te genieten…

    • Ja, die 2 jongens zijn altijd samen. Niet te geloven, als de Ba binnenkomt is Bowie onmiddellijk daar…
      En genieten doen we inderdaad. Isn’t life grand?

  2. I think your dad is amazing! I remember my grandma was still spry even at 99.9..and I think they are made of tougher stuff than us that is for sure..lovely picture of two blokes hanging out 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

  3. So cute…your Dad’s amazing, Herman. You are having cold…so are we in the U.S. It is supposed to be wind chill factor -20F today…wish I could stay in!

  4. I’m a big admirer of your Dad. I think Fozzimum is right, your Dad comes from a tougher generation. It’s wonderful he doesn’t let things like the weather spoil his enjoyment of life. Here we are cold also. I will not be going for a bike ride, but then I cannot visit Mr. Bowie by bike.

  5. Good for your dad! He’s surely endured some cold, hard times during his 90 years that made him tough. And there’s nothing better than espresso, chocolate and Mr. Bowie to great him at the end of his trek.

  6. Great picture of your father and Mr. Bowie, Herman! Glad he was not daunted by the cold and came over for espresso and chocolate. That’s wonderful to be able to do that at 90!

    • Thank you, Lavinia! I was so surprised to see him on such a cold day. You won’t see me on a bike when it’s so cold… 😉

    • Thank you very much, David! I will tell my Dad tomorrow! He’s always amazed that he’s well known all over the world thanks to HoB…

  7. Well now, I have a challenge ahead of me. Cycling at 90! That’s very inspiring. Especially in the cool weather. You’re both so lucky to still have your Dad with you, I miss morning coffee’s over the paper with my Dad. He read the paper every day and loved to make breakfast for me. Since I lived out of town, I’d go to his house after work and stay over so we could get up and enjoy the old ritual. I know you’re cherishing these days too 😀 Big ol’ Canadian hugs all around. xo B

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