Stay Away


Snow. It’s good to stay away for a while but it’s better to stay away forever. Please just stay away. Please. Come in from the cold and take the chill off with a warm cup of hot chocolate! It tastes like love and happiness.

PS: Chocolate can be poisonous for cats and dogs. Chocolate contains chemicals which for cats and other domestic pets can be deadly.

42 responses

  1. We are having our annual Spanish Hot Chocolate party tonight to celebrate Reyes or Epiphany. A tradition we started while living in Spain and have continued ever since. Too bad we are half a world apart. You would love Spanish Hot Chocolate. Keep warm!

  2. Hot chocolate sounds great! I’ve been working a lot outside this past week. I think I need that recipe for Spanish Hot Chocolate….

    A few cat treats and a warm fire to curl up by will make Mr. Bowie feel better!

  3. Gosh, so many things not good for us kitties. Mom gives us pork all the time with no ill effects. I haven’t seen snow yet so I don’t know what all the hoopla is about it but I am interested in finding out. Stay warm!

  4. Onions are poisonous to them too I’ve heard. I’m glad you’re ok with the chocolate, Herman. Look at the beautiful warm coat Mr. Bowie has…I’d like to sink my fingers down in that nice coat.

  5. Stay warm Mr Bowie ..maybe a hot carob for kitties and pups..send some snow here my friend it is nearly 44 C today and 95% hot chocolate here..:) hugs Fozziemum xx

  6. I went for the chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting myself tonight 🙂 Ralphie went out in the snow for about 1.2 minutes before he realized it wasn’t that much fun 🙂 Hope you all have great week!

  7. Wij hebben hier drie 3 Koningen gehad gister met het traditionele liedje …en vader heeft het geld op de rooster geteld…en ze waren reuzeblij met overschot snoep van de Nieuwjaarzangertjes8! Zou wel de Spanish Hot Chocolate eens willen proeven!

    • Ben ook benieuwd naar die Spaanse Hot Chocolate… Ik heb zaterdag verschillende 3 Koningen tegengekomen in het centrum van ‘t dorp.

  8. That Spanish Hot Chocolate sounds yummy…..will have to look into that! Meanwhile, I’ll just have to make do with my box of Godiva from Santa……poor me…… 😉


  9. Cats can’t have chocolate. Hmmm. This is the one sole reason not to be a cat. Well, that and, also, you can never tell what kind of human is going to get their horrible meat-hooks on you and that can be very bad. But other than those two things, I want to come back as a cat. With our kind of human as guardian.

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