It Happened Yesterday


Steppin’ out. I’ll take a snow check on that invitation, if that’s all right, Mr. Bowie. I prefer espresso to playtime in the snow. But please, wear a warm woolen hat to protect your head and especially your ears from the cold.

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    • Ik weet het… maar hij wou echt naar buiten. Hij is zot van sneeuw. Gelukkig kwam hij toch vrij snel weer naar binnen.

  1. Purrrhaps some ear muffs for Mr. Bowie so those delicate ears don’t get “sick” again?? He looks like he quite likes to be in that snow…..but no doubt when he comes back inside he’s happy to warm those toes back up (and the ears!).


  2. He likes to go out in it and play in it; that’s good he enjoys it. MaChatte ran backwards between my feet the first (last) time I took her out in it to see if she liked it. It was a clear message, lol. That’s such a nice picture of him in the snow. Enjoy your inside pleasures, Herman.

    • Thank you! Mr. Bowie really loves to be outside in the snow. But he can’t stay outside very long due to his ear problem. He should learn to wear a warm woolen hat… 😉

  3. Mr Bowie out in the snow in his beautiful fur makes me think of those polar explorers. And you Herman are like me, living the adventures armchair style, safe and warm with our espressos. I am glad you and Mr. Bowie found your enjoyment with the snow in your own ways.

  4. I wish our winter photo’s were as charming! It looks pretty gentle there. I do see birdies out today, zipping about. But I really feel sorry for them. Good for you to be brave Mr Bowie, Petals and Blossum would love to join you out there.

  5. I’m not sure but Mr Bowie looks like he’s asking why no one is coming out with him. 🙂 We are still having rain–we are not missing the snow but hot chocolate sounds delightful 😉 . Yes, my/our new year’s resolution will be healthy eating and exercise..hehe but we may protest a bit. 😀

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