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  1. Enough to make a beautiful picture but not enough to be a disaster. We are having rain today, again. I have to agree with Weggieboy, I have visions of Mr. Bowie shaking wet paws, quite disgusted.

  2. That is pretty in your garden, but I agree; rain goes away by itself and snow you have to do something about. Your garden is so lovely. No wonder you and Mr. Bowie enjoy it so much.

  3. That is a beautiful green and white winter scene in your garden area! No snow here yet, Herman. This coming week and the next might change that though…

    Please give Mr. Bowie a scratch under the chin for me. All of us at Salmon Brook Farms send our warmest regards to you, Mr. Bowie and your family in Belgium! May your new year bring more dark chocolate and cat treats!

  4. Nice. For the first time (ever) in my life I would rather just skip on to spring. We don’t get much snow but this year’s ice storm (from February) was so horrible that it did me in. I would rather go SEE snow somewhere else or in blogging photos 😉 . Hope the insulation is helping so everyone is nice and toasty. 🙂

  5. Lovely really, like icing sugar sprinkled on everything. I was tuned into the world news and saw some frightening weather in Europe. Looks safe enough in your garden, though I’m sure Mr Bowie doesn’t appreciate cold toes. xo B

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