Studio Time


Rock the house. The last few weeks have really gotten busy with dismantling the old recording studio and building it again from scratch. I sold old stuff, bought new equipment and had to rewire all the cables. One of the new synthesizers, the Prophet 12 from Dave Smith Instruments was delivered on Christmas Eve. Hallelujah! Dave Smith Instruments is an American company based in San Francisco, California which manufactures electronic musical instruments. Another synthesizer, the Minimoog Voyager, a monophonic analog synthesizer from Moog Music, will be delivered in Januari 2015.


The next days I’m going to update programs and install new software. Mr. Bowie shows genuine interest in these changes in our house. Especially in all the big boxes.


23 responses

  1. You and Mr. Bowie never cease to impress me Herman. I hope you both get lots of enjoyment from your toys. Looks like it will be a creative New Year!

  2. How funny…I know Dave Smith instruments! Course I live in the bay area but oddly enough I have a friend who gets his stuff there. Looks like Mr. Bowie is enjoying it already. 😀

  3. Fun……..something the two of you can do together – you get the instruments and equipment and HE gets the boxes. Not a bad deal! I wish you tons of luck with the new venture too……….

    Pam and Sam

  4. Holy, you are getting a lot of techie gear there Herman, next thing you know, you’ll be renovating Casa Bowie to make more room 😀 Exciting news! I got an Aqua Ukelele for Christmas! Not at all high tech, but I’ve wanted one forever. I’m out to buy a tuner today, so I can get on-line for some lessons. I was plucking away on a beautiful guitar with a friend over Christmas, I’m so rusty but eager to get back to it. You’re an inspiration really! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year too! Hugs B xo

  5. LOOK at the size of your Apple screens, how ABSOLUTELY fabulous – shan’t deny I’m more than a TAD green, WOW – have yourselves a rockin’ 2015! 🙂

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