Street Art


A true work of art. While Christmas shopping, I bumped into this street art, made by a psychiatric patient. In my home town, psychiatric patients attend regular art therapy classes to help treat mental disorders ranging from addiction to schizophrenia.

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    • Me too! I had to take a detour to avoid some roadworks so it was pure coincidence I took this sidewalk and bumped into this street art…

  1. Very interesting. Some of our local mental health associations sponsor art shows for their clients. I’ve seen some amazing stuff at those shows. Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Bowie.

  2. I like it……creative minds (even ones that are also troubled) can produce the most AMAZING things…..this is so interesting and colorful. It’s a GREAT outlet for psych patients to express themselves in ANY way vs. keeping things bottled up inside. Thanks for sharing the photo – it’s got “personality” !

    Merry Christmas!

  3. That is a very unique piece of art!
    I extend Christmas wishes to you and Mr. Bowie and do not forget the dark chocolate and special treats for Mr. Bowie. I believe chocolate makes the world go round.

    • I fully agree! I wish you happy holidays. Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

      PS: Having dark chocolate right as we speak… 😉

  4. It’s a great idea to have these art therapy programs and I love that they display the art in the streets. The orange legs are great!

    Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Bowie!

    • Ja, het leek mij een heel boeiend en sober kunstwerk. Ik ben er voor teruggegaan (door de regen) om een foto te nemen omdat dit beeld door mijn hoofd bleef spelen toen ik naar de parking wandelde. De ingang van de parking was door werken afgesloten, normaal had ik dit kunstwerk nooit gezien…

  5. That is one very interesting piece of art. I think it says a lot about the artist, not feeling together, fractured, out of place. How many of us can actually say the same things at times, if we are honest? Thank you for posting this. It really touched me. Love, Amy

  6. What great therapy! They’re so clever to offer this in your town, it’d be much cheaper than drugs. Which is the status-quo in most places I think I also love that some hospitals foster pet therapy for all kinds of patients now. On a recent news item, a therapy dog even toured a college during exam week. It was found that students engaging in the therapy were able to study better with less stress. Cool hey?

    This street art reminds me of something Kirk, Spock and Bones might have bumped in to on some planet in a distant galaxy. You know, where the inhabitants of the planet died centuries ago, but a machine they built to maintain their history still operates. Classic Trek scenario, LOL x Boomdee beaming down, phaser set on stun 😀

    • Ha ha ha… I just love the old Star Trek stories! Thank goodness they had the Universal Translator… 🙂

      I wish you happy holidays, my dear follower and friend. Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

  7. That is so nice there’s a creative outlet like that. I was looking for Mr. Bowie at first and then I realized he has been sidelined! lol Happy Holidays to you and Mr. Bowie…meeeowwww!

  8. What a great piece of work.Thank you for taking the time to go back for the photo Herman. I hate waste and love artistic recycling. I also am happy that the talent of a troubled soul was not wasted either.

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