Hit A Key


The secrets of a correct piano key attack. Paw posture and comfort are vitally important while playing the piano or keyboard, Mr. Bowie. When you place your paws on the keys, you must keep your paws arched and your tows slightly curled at all times. By the way, just be careful with those nails!

All went well today: Mr. Bowie’s car ride in the carrier and his comprehensive medical check-up concerning his ear problem which seems to be also seasonal change related. I have to adjust his medication for a few months. Thank you everyone for all your likes, lovely messages and comments on the previous post. Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

27 responses

  1. Cats are delicate in some respects, no matter how tough they act. Best wishes for Mr. Bowie and his ear treatments! (I have one on blood pressure medicine, and the other on supplemental Lysine to try to build his immune system to better resist chronic eye infections because of feline herpes. Sometimes I think the anxieties brought about by knowledge that the human’s going to dose him with medicine contributes to the need for lowering his blood pressure. He needs to purr more for his health, and focus on the kitty treats he gets for being a good boy when I given him his medicine, whether he’s always a good boy or not. One can hope!)

  2. Glad Mr. Bowie’s vet check went well……………….and I just have to ask – are you and Mr. Bowie thinking of purrrrhaps starting your own musical group????? Bowie looks READY to play that keyboard.

    Pam and Sam

  3. I have those misgivings about medicating and taking them to vets. Some of them stress out so much I wonder if I’m doing them good. I hope Mr. Bowie is not a screamer in the cat basket.

  4. Good, his problem is not any worse and now you know how to manage it. He didn’t feel good till the vet figured it out, and now he’s ready to be a keyboard star! Rock on, Mr. Bowie!

  5. Wat een mooie en leuke foto!!!!!
    Ik ben heel blij dat het niet te erg is met zijn oortje, geef hem maar een knuffel en een aaike…

    • En een dikke knuffel voor jou zoontje…!!

      Ik moet voorlopig 3 weken elke dag druppels in Bowie zijn oortje doen. Dan om de 2 dagen en afwachten hoe het evolueert. Dagelijkse medicatie kan helemaal geen kwaad omdat het een externe behandeling is. Je had Bowie moeten zien zitten op het kinderzitje in de auto. Net alsof hij op reis ging… Gelukkig dat hij graag in de auto zit…

  6. Oh wow, look at you Mr Bowie! I’m impressed that dad is set up so quickly. I hope you’ll insist on being front-n-centre. Those gigs always stick the piano man in the back.

    Glad to hear
    your little ears
    will be ok
    as Christmas nears ❤

    I hope Santapaws
    will bring a treat
    and some yummy chocolate
    for dad to eat

    Sending Holiday Hugs all around! De goede Tijdingen en juichen! xo Boomdee

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