Are You Kidding Me?


Seriously?! It’s amusing to see the confused, disgusted look on Mr. Bowie’s face. I told him it’s time for his twice-a-year medical check-up. We still need to follow-up his ear problem and it’s also possible we need to adjust his medication.

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  1. Mr. Bowie likes to make it known that he does not like his checkups! Hopefully he will forgive you afterward. I hope his ear gets better! He has such cute ears. 😉

  2. HA! That look does indeed say it all…..”Huh? Whaaaaat?” Well, Mr. Bowie just get it over with… far so good with the ears and a little adjustment to meds is no big deal. Be brave!!!

    Hugs, Sammy and Mom

  3. Medicating cats. It ought to be a competition sport like hog calling, I mean only with cats that really need the meds given to them. But people who can do it well are virtuosos. Cats can eat their way around any pill in the world.

  4. Hope it goes well for Mr. Bowie. And be glad you don’t have a cat like one of my pet sitting clients who pees and poops all over herself every single time I take her to the vet. I just walk in the door and give the staff the carrier to get her cleaned up…she has quite the reputation.

  5. He looks horrified, haha, what a great photo! I hope everything goes well and those little ears are healthy. My dog has to go to the vet this week too. Paws crossed that we all leave happy and healthy.

  6. My Persian brothers go in twice a year for check ups, too, more if they have medical needs in between visits. You should feel good you are treated so well, Mr. Bowie! My boys don’t care for the trip there, but are good boys on the examination table. (Well, Dougy always wants to hop off the table and go exploring, but he’s been that way since he was a kitten!) I bet you are a good boy at the veterinarian’s, too!

  7. I see that expression here, too, Herman, When I took Simba in because her cold seemed to be going to her eye, the vet said she’d lost enough weight to go in for her dental work. When I got out the carrier again after only a week (the cold cleared up) I got the same look WHAT! AGAIN SO SOON?

  8. I hope you have a nice vet, like we have here. They make a fuss of me, so I don’t mind. Except when they get the needle out. Or even worse, the thermometer! How rude! Actually, having said all that, they are not nice at all, are they?

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