Flashback #14


The importance of eating together. Research suggests that having dinner together as a family at least four times a week has positive effects on child and cat development. Studies also have shown that families that eat together, stay together. We always have dinner together as a family, right, Mr. Bowie?

76 responses

  1. Oh Herman Mr. Bowie was a really adorable kitten! He had good taste even back then,too, eating on proper china. We always eat together in our house, but like a proper butler I see the true masters and mistresses of the house are served first.

  2. What a sweet mother/son moment over the food dishes…..Mr. Bowie was a precious little guy and still is precious – just bigger! I see where he got his looks – Mom is a beauty.


  3. Most nights when I dine with the Cute Engineer, Mr. Ferguson leaps on the table and flings himself on CE’s chest. Doesn’t matter if he’s trying to eat. Fergie must have his moment at the table. It is our family bonding moment.

  4. I held my breath for a moment wondering if this was the newest blogger, then read your messages. Your heart must have gushed. Heavens, how could it not?

    I’m all for dining together and we often do when Mr B is at work (hehehe). When he’s home, Petals and Blossum don’t sit on the table. They’re quite smart that way 😀 Or shall I say, we’re sneaky.

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