The Comeback

Too old to rock ’n’ roll. As some of you may already know, I’m going to lose my job at the end of the year. But please, don’t worry, there’s a significant financial commitment involved. I have the luxury to take a long break. I can follow piano lessons, go back to the digital photography school, work and volunteer in non-profits or a cat shelter… If I’m objective, I have reason to be optimistic.


Years ago, I used to work in a recording studio. Trying new things, tweaking knobs and pushing buttons on ancient analog machinery. Leen, a good friend, we go way back, suggested that I could pick up that career and get involved in the electronic music. So here I am, setting up a compact recording studio, getting back a synthesizer I lent, selling old stuff and buying new equipment. Mr. Bowie seems to be quite enthusiastic about the idea… I’m very happy that I eventually get to follow my dream. By the way, how can I get in touch with Taylor Swift?

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  1. One can’t have enough keyboards in the house. We have two Roland keyboards and one baby grand. Anymore, someone will have to live in the patio or garage.

  2. Hmm! Are they downsizing at work? Sounds like you have good plans. I like your setup. You are never to old to rock n roll. It looks like Mr. Bowing is already laying down a fe tracks!

    I don’t think I have heard anything by Taylor Swift. I looked up her website, but haven’t taken the time to listen to anything of her songs. She’s apparently a super super star, so good luck finding contact info.

    • Well, they say it’s related to strategic decisions in new uncertain competitive environments. Yeah, right…

      Don’t heard much of Taylor Swift either, but I read she won a lot of awards lately and she loves cats. So her name popped up in my mind… Maybe Mr. Bowie can get the job done…

  3. Mr. Bowie looks already to help you out. It sounds like you are in the right state of mind, seeing this as an opportunity and a transition to a new and exciting stage of your life. I love that you have all of these creative plans ahead of you. Rock on!

  4. Good attitude for an occurrence that you probably did NOT expect. Starting over is a lot easier when you have a lot of talent to call upon and I think you do! It’s an opportunity to do something you really WANT to do vs. need to do……..go for it Herman. Mr. Bowie looks like he’s on board (keyboard that is).


  5. Best wishes for achieving your new goals! Loss of a job is stressful under the best of circumstances, but you apparently have better circumstances than most and other skills that you bring to the table.

  6. Best wishes for your future! As for Taylor Swift… hmmm not sure how to get in contact with her… but maybe if you sent a picture of cute Mr. Bowie to her twitter account she’ll fall head over heels in love with him and will do ANYTHING he asks her for… like get in touch with his owner… 😉 xx Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

  7. I am a great admirer of Taylor Swift. She deserves much better from the men in her life, as I am constantly reminding her but alas, she never seems to listen. She is part cat, after all. Perhaps this time will be different. I will put in a good word for you. I have my methods. Don’t ask. Your friend –Bugs.

  8. Mooi sucess! I think that you have a great range of options to look at and I hope that it will turn into an opportunity that you never imagined would come your way. It is possible, my other half took voluntary redundancy five years ago from working in the car industry, he’s now a corporate video editor and cameraman. It takes time and hard work, but it is possible to achieve. 🙂

    • Thank you for this nice comment, Caro. Much appreciated! I’m sure I’ll get through this in a positive way. And I have more time for HoB and Mr. Bowie! So why complain…?? 😉

    • Thank you, J.L. I’m really looking forward to spend more time with my music and everything that’s involved. Like extra playtime with Mr. Bowie…

  9. Sometimes when a door closes, a window opens……good luck with setting your talents out in a new direction, Herman. The photography school, yea, your photos are so good anyway, so that’s one of your good ideas. Or, make music. Whatever you’re doing, optimism will get you thru it to a new path, and a good one. And Mr. Bowie will be there cheering you along.

    • Thank you so much! I’m sure I’ll get through this in a positive way. And you’re so right, I got Mr. Bowie covering my back…
      About the photography school: I’ll have to go to another town. I had some minor artistic problems with the teacher last year…

  10. Desalniettemin, verdorie ik ga missen!!!!!!
    Maar ik ben zo blij dat ik je heb leren kennen en ik ben zeker dat we elkaar heel snel terug zien xx

  11. A big switch like that is the opportunity to change some things in your life. I wish you good luck, and I hope mister bowie won’t be too jealous if you volunteer in a cat shelter 🙂

    • Thank you, Gin. Don’t worry about Mr. Bowie, we will be spending more time together. But maybe he’s worried about me bringing home a little kitty… 😉

  12. My husband was “downsized” from his job some years ago, and we decided to do pet sitting full time and it was a good choice for us. May your own transition lead to wonderful things!

  13. Taylor Swift? Herman, just say no. You are NOT too old to rock ‘n’ roll. 😉 PS: Sorry about losing your job, but happy to see you are never too old to follow your dreams.

  14. Best thing that could happen to you… now you can live your dream…. and Mr. Bowie too as I assume you will have more time to spend with him at home!

  15. Herman – many of us are reinventing ourselves these days – 2nd, 3rd, even 4th careers. Nothing wrong with that, and it can lead to a much more enjoyable life. Glad you are getting your studio set up again. Mr. Bowie will be a great co-worker! 🙂

  16. Just to echo Joanne’s comment that I wish you all the very best with this new phase of life. I’m sure that Mr Bowie will continue to assist with small tasks such as cleaning the area around keyboards with his velvet paws as shown in the photo. If he’s like my dear cat Azlan, he’ll help by lying on the keyboards whenever possible and add to the musical vibe! 🙂

    • Thank you, Maxine! It seems Mr. Bowie loves to push the mute buttons on the mixing board. Maybe I was playing too loud…?? 😉

  17. Best wishes as you embark upon a creative break….despite having no choice in the matter, I hope you are able to have a fantastic time- Mr. Bowie must be thrilled that his Poppa will be home- perhaps able to sleep in a bit?! Dylan and Bagheera are envious…

  18. Change really can be a beautiful thing! Congratulations – celebrate, relish the moments of doing exactly what you want, and spend time with the cat and people who mean the most! Happy Christmas & New Year!

  19. In the famous (often sung by me) words of ABBA, “I have a dream, a fantasy, to help me through, most anything. If you see the wonder, of a fairytale, you can take the future, even if you fail”.

    I see you already have an Angel on scene so I predict good things are happening ❤

    FYI, Taylor Swift is in Edmonton Aug 2015, so if you and Mr Bowie join her World Tour, look me up. xo

  20. Good luck. It sounds like you have some good opportunities to explore. Mr Bowie looks like he will make a great supervisor 😀 . Let’s see..Taylor Swift was in Nashville the last time I visited but I can’t help you there. I used to have a contact in the business but he sold his studio after his wife passed away. Whatever you do, I’m sure it will be great and Mr Bowie will be thrilled. (I’m trying to catch up on your blog BTW 😉 )

  21. Sounds like a good opportunity to pursue a passion … I hope it leads to great things for you. Being able to work at things we love can be very satisfying.

    Maybe you’ll have to start a music blog? Mr Bowie lip synching to all your songs. 🙂

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