The Only Way Part 2


No, thank you! I prefer the stairs to the ladder.

Safety should always be your first concern when using a ladder. Ladders are the single greatest cause of DIY deaths. I’ll stay on the ground floor and have a cup of espresso.

58 responses

  1. We had to look long and hard to find you in this photo. That particular ladder does not look safe for a kitty. We suggest you do stay away from it. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. Now the ladder’s inside, what’s going on at your house? Mr. Bowie is smart enough to know that cats and ladders don’t mix. He looks so cute peeping out there.

    • It’s all about cavity wall insulation: I want to save money off my heating bills by helping to stop heat escaping through my walls. The cavity between the inner and outer walls is filled with PUR (polyurethane), an insulating material.

  3. I see Mr Bowie has ‘lofty’ ambitions today. Your caption made me laugh…death by DIY. Honestly, sometimes it could almost happen. I’ve fallen off a ladder in my yard when I set it on uneven ground. For some strange reason I thought falling 6 feet wouldn’t hurt. Luckily I fell on top of the ladder. It made out worse than me and was good and bent. I had one heck of a bruise on my behind. Thank goodness I have ample padding there, worse if it was my head. I think your home is so cool. It looks like you live in a treehouse. You don’t do you? 😉

    • Thank you, Boomdee. And no, we’re not living in a treehouse but I love that idea! Mr. Bowie could live together with the birds! 😉
      Glad you were ok after falling from that ladder…

  4. Mr. Bowie is supervising from the upper left! Always knew he had an engineering background in there somewhere! 🙂

    Insulating is always a good thing. The weather is all over the map these days. Yes, more chocolate for Herman and cat treats for Mr. Bowie!

    • Chocolate and cat treats… we can live with that! 🙂
      We’re already feeling the difference now it’s colder outside.

  5. I do not like ladders because that means heights and I HATE heights! 🙂 When I was younger, we would leave a ladder up next to the house because the outside cats would climb trees and jump on the roof but then could not get down. 😀

    I hope the insulation helps. It is always good to stay warm/cool (depending on the season) by using less energy. Mr Bowie looks so cute.

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