Dad & Mr. Bowie


Life is too short to worry about stupid things. I’m going through a major transitional period right now. But these two boys have always helped me through tough times over the years. Thank you, Dad. Thank you, Mr. Bowie.

Let’s shake hands. Let’s shake paws. Don’t let people bring you down. Have fun and regret nothing. Life is too short to waste on negativity.

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  1. A handsome couple there – you can see their bond. Wishing you all the best during this transition, one day at a time works well for me when things feel overwhelming.

  2. That is a wonderful picture of Mr. Bowie with your father, Herman! Yes, they are lovely souls!

    Herman – above all, remember to be kind to yourself, too. Charity and kindness towards others starts at home with those feelings towards yourself.

  3. What a most precious photo. We know you will treasure it always. You are lucky to have too such special men in your life. Hope you will join us for our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth ad Calista Jo

  4. What an incredible photo of two wonderful influences in your life 🙂 Stay positive Herman, transition is hard sometimes but your spirit is strong as we all see through your photography and wit on your and Mr. Bowie’s blog. I believe you will be fine 🙂
    Marty’s Mom

  5. What a beautiful moment you made eternal with your camera. Impressed me so much. Thank you, have a nice weekend, and Blessing & Happiness to you ALL, love, nia

  6. What a special photo of two very special guys in your life… three men stick together no matter what…..and I’m sure that strength will get you through the rough spots in the road. I’m sending good vibes…..and hugs…..and so is Sam!


  7. It’s good to know who’s on your side , and who’s beside you 😉
    Sorry to hear about the uncertainty ahead . Wishing you well H .

    • Thank you, my friend. I watched the clip on Jennifer’s blog and enjoyed it. Music is always a good medicine! Have a great weekend, Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

  8. I am glad to see you’re getting all this kind and sweet support, dear Herman, especially from your boon companions Mr. Bowie and your lovely dad. All this excellence means I can throw some much-needed negativity into the mix. You know it’s right; yin and yang. Please supply the address of those benighted humans who would let you go for such gobbledy-gook reasons. “Strategic decisions in new uncertain competitive environments” humbug!!! I want to go and shred their ankles. They will be sorry. Your friend, Bugs.

    • Wow, Bugs… Hold your horses! This is really heavy, my friend! I am deeply honoured that you are so concerned, but listen to my personal motto – live and let live, I always say! Everything in life happens for a reason. Maybe there is an incredibly bright future ahead of me…
      Thanks for your comment, Bugs. Much appreciated, my friend!

      • OK, kind and tolerant and optimistic Herman, message received. Horses held. Bright future noted. But all it would take is a wink and a nod from you, and I’d be there. Complete deniability. Think about it.

  9. Ah Herman, it is good to have support in transition. I do believe this will always be one of my favorite shots by my favorite photographer. There is so much love and beauty there. You will be in my thoughts as I wonder once again why companies always pull this sort of thing before the holidays. I’m sure the ckoouds will pass and the future will be bright.

  10. Herman….I believe there is a reason for everything…in the meantime…enjoy the support of two great males in your life…Dad and Mr. Bowie That is a touching photo, by the way.

  11. It doesn’t matter how nasty that litter box gets, to have a cat and its companionship when our path becomes a tad bumpy is such a wonderful blessing! 🙂

  12. Dearest Herman, I’m glad you won’t let a little rain ruin your parade and that you’re traveling the route with the best companions possible. Two fellows that most certainly love being with you as much as you love being with them.

  13. I love this photo. It’s so real–full of life and connection. You are right! Life is too short to worry, period. I’ve been going through some transition for a couple of years and cannot seem to get free. At first–I was scared of the unknown but then I realized I had my girls and nothing mattered more than family. I’m wishing you all the best through this time. Take care! 🙂

  14. What a comforting photo….a brief moment in time captured so perfectly!
    I love it! Always nice to be surrounded by good friends.
    I am going through a transition of sorts myself….or something like that….I’m not sure.
    Several months ago, doctors told me that I have a lung nodule that is “highly suspicious.”
    Could be cancer…or…maybe not.
    They keep saying that I need to do diagnostic tests to find out what it is exactly.
    But all of the test might damage my voice and leave me permanently hoarse.
    Ummm…I am a professional singer, so (so far) I have done absolutely nothing.
    I don’t know if life would be worth living if I couldn’t sing anymore.
    Not sure that I want to do something that might ‘transition” me in that direction!

    • Oh Mary, what an openly comment. That’s a very complicated decision you’ll have to take, being a professional singer. Did you seek out a second opinion? I can understand it would be hard if you couldn’t sing anymore but keep in mind the importance of a good health.
      Have you considered learning to play an instrument? Years ago I was a guitar player but after an accident I couldn’t play that instrument anymore. I decided to learn programming and playing synthesizers, drum computers and other electronic gear. And it felt good…

      Mary, I’m wishing you all the best and I hope that you’ll feel good about your decision.

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