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  1. As some one with a hearing loss, the sweetest sound I know is when I lean my head toward one of my cats and he’s purring! I actually cried the first time I did this and realized what I was missing.

  2. One of our black cats, Nick, who passed on a few years ago, purred so load that we had to turn up the volume on movies to hear the dialog over his purring. I didn’t measure the db of his purr, but it was seriously loud.

  3. I agree there’s no such thing as too loud a purr. The other night, some days after Torvald bit my face, 17-pound yellow Mystery, who is a house guest at prsent, got up and stuck his little wet nose in my ear and let it rip for minutes on end. He was on the bitten side and I could feel the vibration all through my jawbone. That is medicine. Purrs have the capacity to help heal living tissue as you may know, so bring it on.

  4. Simba on my left, Mi Sun on my right, two sisters both with very loud, deep,rumbling purrs. They may be loud but they can put me to sleep very peacefully at night. I’m sure Mr. Bowie does the same for you Herman.

  5. I agree, that a happy cat purr can’t never be too loud…….well except, early mornings…..Moshu sleeps on my left shoulder and around 4or 5am she starts to purr as loud as an old Harley Davidson, I swear….it’s cute, but I want to sleep a bit longer. If I could train her , hehe which cat is trainable, I won’t need an alarm clock anymore.

  6. We don’t think any purr can be too loud even if you combine the purrs of several cats! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  7. I think they aught to put that on one of those sleep machines. There could be: Ocean tide, soft rain, bird song and Mr Bowie purring. That’d ensure some sweet, sweet dreams.

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