Cat Snap


Avoid getting into conflicts. When some bully cat wants to fight you, the best option is to avoid it. Getting into conflicts and/or disputes with cats makes you more of a prone target for bullying and fights. There is no shame in running away. However, if you know the bully cat is faster, don’t try.

Based on a wikiHow article.

PS: Don’t worry about your reputation. Just sit down… And start crying.

25 responses

  1. Mr. Bowie is one tough looking cat! Listen to this advice Mr. Bowie. Rosencrantz should have thought about it before attacking a dog and ending up with loosened canines. The vet had to remove his canines on Wednesday.

  2. Does Mr. B. hide any tears under that bandit look ? I noticed that cats communicate a lot by the stares they exchange. That stare on him seems to tell humans a lot but what does it tell other cats?
    My cats generally communicate with me by staring at me fixedly. And I generally know what they wish that I do. Trapped in the cats’ will and power am I. But I love it.

  3. I should get Mr. Bowie on of those colonial America flags that say “Don’t tread on me!” or perhaps Lavinia has it right and it should be a “Make my day!” poster of Clint.

  4. you have your very own army behind you led by Aunt Sharon. You have nothing and no-one to fear Mr Bowie! 😀

  5. Yes best advice” Don’t get into any conflicts” , because you will loose on the other end. How about a spoon of vanilla ice cream, that calms down bullying cats. The other day I had my sweetest cat Moshu to take for a check up at her vet, she sniffled the danger being caught again in her kennel, but all her escaping tactics didn’t help. I had no choice but forcing her, ending up with severe scratches and two days later in the ER, taking antibiotics for the wounds. Poor Moshu, I scared the hell out of her, since than she tries to hide from me, but at night she is the sweetest angel cat, without wings yet, cuddling and purrying , like my neighbors would think I am snoring. We are great friends again and my wounds are healing and her emotions as well. So” don’t get into conflicts”, you will end up feeling guilty!!!

  6. Gulp! You look like you’re ready to rumble Mr Bowie and have already slayed your first victim. I used to be a pretty good runner, on our track team back when. Yes, waaaaayyy back when, LOL

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