And Never Again


Where does the rainbow end? There’s almost nothing I like more than watching and photographing rainbows. I took this photograph with the iPhone in my Dad’s backyard.

Whenever I bring a cloud over the earth, then the rainbow will certainly appear in the cloud. And I will certainly remember my covenant that I made between me and you and every living creature of every kind; and never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all flesh.

Genesis 9: 14-15

PS: Thank you all for the warm comments on the Goodbye Glippie post.

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    • Thank you, Lavinia! Catnip for Mr. Bowie and chocolate for me, how about that?

      I checked out “The Other Side”, by Don Conoscenti. Great song, great singer-songwriter, totally new for me. Thanks for the tip!

  1. That is an amazing photo to have been taken with an iPhone. The reflection of the rainbow as well as the rainbow itself make it extra special. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. I agree with KittiesBlue what a great shot and from an iPhone. For sure this is the skill of the photographer and not the equipment! My Irish gran said the leprechaun’s pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow.

    • Oh no, Angela, don’t give me to much credits! I was lucky to view such a beautiful evening sky…

      PS: I prefer a pot of dark chocolate… 😉

  3. Beautiful photo. I love rainbows they are a mystery to me and like to think if we could walk over the rainbow we would find all our long gone pets. Im sure Glippie is over there. Now there’s a picture book I could take some time to think about. Maybe its not a pot of gold over there, maybe its something even more precious. Golden moments and dear pet friends that we find.

    • Thank you, Kath. I was thinking of Glippie and Jones too, when I saw the rainbow. Rainbows always make me feel happy and also a bit melancholic…

    • Thank you! I’m always taking a deep breath at that moment, think about my life, family and friends, and Mr. Bowie of course! 😉

  4. Ms Garland sang, somewhere over that rainbow, dreams come true. A nice dream would be to spend eternity with all the pets I’ve loved in life and we’d never have to say goodbye again xo

    Awesome shot with an iPhone!

    • Thank you, Aquileana! Welcome on HoB!
      I love that song from “The Wizzard of Oz”.

      Have a nice weekend! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

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