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  1. Mr. Bowie is a Force of Nature – no worries! And yes, you may substitute ice cream, or any other desired dairy product that goes well with honey, for cheese for that special treat… Autumn getting closer here too.

  2. What a beautiful, poetic expression. What beautiful feet! I love fall and the goodies that come with it, hot cider and hot chocolate, Oktoberfest, deep dish apple pies. I am sure Mr. Bowie will not “fall” but make a graceful leap, probably into a soft pile of leaves in the garden.

  3. My Torvald is always standing on precipices. And rolling on them. And falling off, though fortunately they are usually about two-foot precipices, and he shakes himself and says “I meant to do that.”

  4. Before you AND summer hop of the precipice……kiss kiss kiss smooch….that’s the sound of Boomdee lovin’ up your widdle toes. I’m hopelessly in lust with your purrrrrrfectly adorable paws wok

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