Let’s Go Crazy

Good morning. Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Or do something crazy every single day. Eating ice cream occasionally for breakfast shouldn’t do you any harm. Have a nice day.


WARNING: The stunt in this post was performed by a professional and his cat. Don’t try this at home.

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  1. We do LOVE your philosophy. Ice cream for breakfast? We’re all for it. A big bowl of kibble for no reason and the ultimate: lounging away time in the warmth of a sunny window for no reason except that it’s there and so are you, xo LMA

  2. Don’t try this at home? Why do you taunt with ice cream and chocolate sauce and then tell us not to try it? OK, Herman, I’ll have my peanut butter toast and cry a little ice cream tear. 😉 Purrs and skritches for Mr. Bowie…

    • Oops, that was a slip of the pen! You ‘must’ try this at home…
      Have a nice day, Mary J. – Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

  3. Excellent idea! If I have no problem eating leftover pizza for breakfast or a breakfast burrito, why should ice cream be forbidden? LOL! Now, if I only had some ice cream on hand…!

  4. ONESPOILEDCAT ` That reminds me, I have both mango and strawberry popsicles in the freezer, and either one would make a lovely start to the day since I don’t have professional standing to take on the ice cream and chocolate syrup for breakfast!

  5. I once had no cream for the morning coffee and used French vanilla ice cream, thinking, “Well, it’s dairy!” It was a success and I survived. Does that qualify me as a professional?

  6. I like the black and white composition of that chocolate waterfall over the ledge of vanilla(?) ice cream. Well done photo! Equally fun to eat afterward. 🙂

    Try this treat sometime – take a small wheel of soft-ripend goat cheese, spread meadowfoam honey or another lighter honey like clover over the top of the wheel like frosting. Sprinkle generously with hazelnuts. Serve with a demi-sec Champagne, or moscatto if preferred. These can also serve as a birthday cake.

    • Thank you, Lavinia! It was coffee ice cream, my favourite flavour.

      Your treat sounds very delicious but can I change the goat cheese part? I’m afraid that cheese is not my kind of thing…

  7. Another “Breakfast of Champions” is a large slice of chocolate cake with a double scoop of ice cream (vanilla or chocolate) and an oversized mug of coffee. Unfortunately, I haven’t had this breakfast in many, many years.

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