Looking Back

Guardian Angel. When I look back on my life, I wonder how I survived – guess I had a guardian angel. I’ve nearly always had to look after myself and sometimes I feel like something big is missing from my life and that I need someone to look after my coconut macaroons, marshmallows and cuberdons.


Nobody touches the treats of my human.

46 responses

  1. A treat thief would be crazy to mess with a fierce looking guard like Mr. Bowie. Being from over there, I had to look up cuberdons, and they sound so good that I might be tempted if I was there……. Have a great weekend!

  2. Mr. Bowie seems to be taking on the challenge of guard duty……after reading what cuberdons are, I’d put some EXTRA time into guarding those…..they sound delicious. But then macaroons (especially chocolate covered ones) are another treat I’d find hard to pass up. Lots of temptations there Herman…..!


  3. Treats worth protecting require a good guard. Mr Bowie serves in the tradition of ancient temple cats, but I think his treasure is more valuable. I love raspberry, I can only imagine the cuberdons as delicious with a good strong cup of coffee. I am not a fan of marshmallows but I expect they are much better in Belgium than what we get in the United States.

  4. I see you can also get cuberdon-flavored jenever. Have you ever heard that ol’ saying, “candy’s dandy but liqueur’s quicker”? Not that Mr Bowie would care, either way I’m sure he would never trade either for a bag of fresh nip. Not that I would ever bribe a guard cat ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Would it help if I said pretty please Mr Bowie?

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