Rock Hard


Lazing on a Sunday afternoon. I am trying, hope against hope, to fall in love with this mattress, but it’s hard. Rock hard. But for what I paid the facilities are fabulous!

September always feels like the end of summer, even though there’s still almost a third left. Sunny days make me feel good about life. Enjoy them while they last, Mr. Bowie.

15 responses

  1. Looks like Mr. Bowie is compromising just a bit with that rock hard mattress of his by putting HALF of himself in the somewhat softer mulch! Whatever works Mr. Bowie……at least the mattress part is probably COOL if it’s in the shade……..

    Hugs, Pam and Sam

  2. I wonder if Mr. Bowie likes the hard mattress because it’s cool, and then his front paws are on the softness of the earth. Is Mr. Bowie a Libra? A cat of balance?? Hmm????? 😉

  3. Cats lay in the strangest places and Mr. Bowie is no exception. I hope he has a softer place inside the house. PS: I love your positivity about summer. I’ll keep that thought.

  4. I always like how Mr Bowie’s color looks naturally b&w compared to the rest of the colored surroundings without a filter applied. Yes summer is on the fall…look forward to Mr Bowie amongst the best colored season =^,,^=

  5. My dearest Mr Bowie, you might be ‘the love of my life’ and even though I’m a ‘sweet lady’, I’m not ’39’ anymore. Maybe we can just have a little ‘seaside rendezvous’ and tell everyone ‘you’re my best friend’. Shall I swing round and pick you up because ‘I’m in love with my car’ and a very safe driver. We can put on ‘Bohemian Rapsody’ and sing ‘God save the Queen’ all the way to the beach. I promise, I’ll be very ‘good company’ 😀 xoxox Boomdee

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