Dazs Cat


A big success. A telekinesis science project consists of performing an experiment, testing a theory or demonstrating a principle, and then following it up with a report and presentation. We know that the cat brain is a powerful organ, but many of us aren’t aware of how much the mind of a cat is truly capable of. Bon Appétit, Mr. Bowie!

38 responses

  1. What a priceless shot that is…….I could probably do a similar shot of Sam enjoying his raspberry yogurt with his medication hidden in it! Thank heavens they too have their “guilty pleasures” !


  2. Strawberry ice cream! Good choice Mr. Bowie. Old Mr. Austin the Abyssinian used to like banana yogurt – his favorite flavor. He joined the ranks of the Greater Universe back in 2009 and is enjoying his yogurt up there somewhere among the stars.

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