Enough Said

Enough Said: I’m a romantic fool. I should hang my head in shame for having let this particular movie stay under my personal radar last year. And you should hang your head in shame for falling asleep watching this movie, Mr. Bowie! This melancholy movie will make you laugh and leave you in tears. Enough Said is a romantic comedy about middle-aged parents with broken relationships and kids about to leave home. It’s a romantic comedy that is romantic and funny and I mean really funny. The film stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus, James Gandolfini (in one of his final roles), Toni Collette, Catherine Keener, Ben Falcone, and Toby Huss. The film is written and directed by Nicole Holofcener. I loved Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine Benes in Seinfeld, and James Gandolfini for everything he’s been in.


Enough Said happens to be the second-to-last film with James Gandolfini in the cast. He died in June 19, 2013 from a heart attack at age 51. James Gandolfini will appear next September in the film The Drop, adapted from a Dennis Lehane story. The film is directed by Michaël R. Roskam, a Belgian film director known for Bullhead (2011). Bullhead was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2012.

Now excuse me, there’s someone knocking on my door. Could that be Julia Louis-Dreyfus? Okay, I’m a romantic fool…

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  1. A charming movie, I agree. We were just wondering what to watch tonight – think we’ll watch this one again! Thanks for reminding me of this movie.

  2. I will rent the movie “Enough Said” – “The Green Mile” was a good recommendation from you earlier, and this looks like one too. Have a good day, Herman and Mr. Bowie!

  3. Thanks Herman for the heads up, I look forward to watching this movie. Are you saying Mr. Bowie’s not the romantic type? He can play the leading cat role anytime. ♥

  4. I love Gandolfini but don’t usually like love stories (even though I am a HUGE fan of love <3)
    After your recommendation I will definitely watch it.

    • For every tear and smile a piece of dark chocolate…
      Guess Mr. Bowie was exhausted of all the naps…

      PS: enjoy the movie!

  5. Wasn’t that just the most wonderful movie? The fact that Julia’s character is becoming a confidant/masseuse to Jame’s ex made for great laughs. Gandolfini gave a touching performance, I’m so going to miss him. He was such a talented actor. Do you get the show ‘VEEP’ in Belgium? It’s Julia Louis Dreyfus playing the Vice President of the USA and her very dysfunctional team of support people helping her run for President. OMG, it’s outrageously funny 😀 Mr Bowie wouldn’t be able to sleep because you’d be laughing so hard.

    • Julia Louis-Dreyfus won an Emmy Award last night: Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Veep”!
      I haven’t seen ‘Veep’ but it seems to be on a local movie channel. Thanks for this information, Boomdee. I’m sure going to watch this show.

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