No excuse! The Hydrangea macrophylla flowering plant has overgrown Mr. Bowie’s catnip plantation. It wouldn’t surprise me if Mr. Bowie will send his goon squad to visit the gardener who’s responsible for this inexcusable disaster. Guess they are going to teach him a lesson he will never forget!

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  1. Herman you caught his expression perfectly. There is no mistaking his thought. The gardener is not by any chance named Herman? Or can you pass the blame on to the hired help?

  2. The catnip tends to become overgrown and block other plants in our garden, much to the delight of our kitties. We cannot grow hydrangea worth a hoot out here — much too dry and they probably don’t like the altitude, either.

  3. That is a very intense looking Mr. Bowie! Not happy at not being able to access his catnip!

    A catnip plant colonized one of my planters and is now almost 5 feet tall. I cut springs from it for the kitties. The honeybees love catnip too, and when it is in bloom, the catnip plant is covered in bees.

  4. I have a hydrangea plant (Limelight White variety) which keeps trying to take over my driveway. I love it because a now dead client of mine gave it to me, but I struggle with it because I want to get out of my car. Mr. Bowie, I feel your pain, especially on rainy days.

    • I like the flowers of the hydrangea plant, I have the White Wave variety.
      It’s beautiful having a plant in your garden that reminds you of someone that passed away. I love 2 special trees in my garden, they were planted by my Mother 24 years ago.

  5. Mr. Bowie, please forgive your owner, his mind was probably too much into chocolate land!! I mean really, okay let’s get this straight, your owner, doesn’t really own anything, he is just in a denial like most of us cat lovers, you are really the REAL owner of any and every thing. Mr. Bowie you are way smart enough to straighten this out with the One and only One, you own! Hard work, my cat Moshu, totally agrees with you on that. Happy purrrrying times to you Mr. Bowie and the One you own.

    • My owner only thinks about chocolate and okay, sometimes about my treats too. I’m so happy with your comment, Cornelia. I really hope my human reads your comment and understands what you’re talking about… Please give my regards to Moshu.

  6. Ik heb toch een heel mooi bloemstuk gemaakt met de hortensia’s, het staat nog, maar nu moet ik het toch bijna gaan wegdoen!

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