Mother’s Day

Assumption of Mary. In this part of the world, the area around Antwerp, people celebrate Mother’s Day on 15 August. We believe that the classical Mother’s Day in May is an invention for commercial reasons.

My Mother passed away 13 years ago. I still think about her every day and miss her dearly.


Cherish every moment you have with the ones you love and realize how important they are in your life. Let me hug you, Mr. Bowie.

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  1. I miss mine too every day…..and like you and Mr, Bowie, I usually grab Sam for a hug when my Mom’s on my mind! I celebrate Mother’s Day even though mine’s no longer here……it’s just a nice day to honor her no matter what. I hope you enjoy yours……..


  2. It doesn’t get easier. I lost mine in January 2013. She was days sort of 99 years old, and seemed on track to live into here 11th decade. They live in our hearts.

  3. I am sorry for you loss, Herman. My own mother died some years back, and I think of her often. We have a tradition here that when people tell me someone that they loved, two-legged or four-legged, wings, scales or claws dies, I plant something perennial for them here in the gardens so that they will be remembered. I have some iris, daffodils and snowdrops ready to be planted, and will put a grouping of them here in a little patch for your mother. The little gardens all have stories. A barrel of reblooming daylilies was put in after the Aunt of a young girl told me about how her niece died – she committed suicide after being bullied. It is a reminder, each time I look at them, how important it is for people to try to be kind to each other.

  4. Sorry I’m responding so late Herman, just catching up on mail from when I was away.

    I see your dear mom was helping you sweep up at your house here. Looks like you were still building, I recognize the ladder. I feel the same about my dad, it’s hard not to have them a phone call away. I miss my dads great company, long conversations and help with my house. He’s been gone since May of 1999 and I still try and hear his voice in my head everyday, I just don’t want to forget. I love that your mom got into the reno and helped at the construction site, what a dear. xo B

    • No problem, Boomdee. Thank you for this heartwarming comment. Much appreciated!
      I still miss my Mom and brother everyday. The pain never goes away.

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