Dead Hairs


A thinner coat for the warmer summer months. Mr. Bowie finds that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are too warm. So let them go, Mr. Bowie, let go of them. I’ll grab the Dyson out of the closet…

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    • Ha ha ha… Ik heb gisteren de garage moeten stofzuigen na zijn borstelbeurt. Het leek of dat de vloer grijs geschilderd was… Nooit meegemaakt in 5 jaar Bowie.

  1. If Sam had a thick coat like Mr. Bowie we’d have a furminator too – everyone who uses one LOVES it (and the cats like it – probably feels great on their skin!).


  2. I have a range of coats on my crowd and a basket full of stuff that looks like I cleaned out a barbershop. The one commonality is the enjoyment of the ritual of grooming. Thankfully they love the brushes, I would hate if they insisted on my doing it their way, with tongue.

  3. MaChatte has very nice thick fur and grooms herself well, so sometimes in the spring and fall I’m gifted with a few black hairballs. That’s even with hairball formula food. She will tolerate being brushed…sometimes……….

    • I have to brush Mr. Bowie everyday, especially at specific moulting times of the year. Most of the time he likes to get brushed…

  4. I hope Mr. Bowie loves being brushed. The boys are slowly coming round to liking it. Mazie who sheds enough for four dogs hates it….*sigh* thank goodness for wooden floors and dust mops!
    Marty’s Mom

  5. OMG, poor Mr.Bowie, isn’t a Dyson way to loud for a cat’s sensitive ears??? My little Moshu runs away and hides with a vacuum cleaner…. brushing? …. it’s all on her terms…. well cats!!!! Need to say more….

  6. I couldn’t get by without my Dyson! Two Persian cats shed the equivalent of one full cat’s worth of hair at least twice a day, it seems! Ha! Regular vacuum cleaners roll the hair into windrows that have to be picked up. The Dyson sucks the hair right up.

  7. The whole shedding thing is just relentless. I in fact (no lie) just bought a new brush yesterday. I looked at the Furminator but couldn’t justify the $57.00 price tag. It’s like the Ferrari of cat brushes, but Petals and Blossum got the Dacia Sandero of cat brushes, only $8.00

    • It shocked me too when I saw the price tag… Eventually, the Dacia Sandero will get you there too, though I prefer a Volvo XC60! 😉

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