Breakfast for Two


What’s for breakfast? Are you having breakfast outside from time to time, too? I love having breakfast here, outside in the garden, in the company of the great Mr. Bowie. But wait a minute… Don’t touch the Fortissio Lungo, my friend! And where is the last piece of Côte d’Or Noir de Noir dark chocolate? The last chocolate tastes the best because knowing something is set to end makes people enjoy it more.

“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.” – Robert A. Heinlein

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  1. With seven cats and two dogs in the house, getting to eat our food is often a challenge. Good luck!

  2. Ever made a citron Melissa (sorry direct translation from German it’s part of the Mint family lol) tea with your cat around? It’s closely related to cat nip so mine will stick their whole head in the tea cup lol!

    • I remember that my Mother had this herb (citroenmelisse in Dutch, Lemon balm in English) in her garden. She used it a lot in the kitchen.
      Thanks for this information, Marc-André, I’m going to try that tea for sure and see what happens with Mr. Bowie…

      • Herman I have lemon balm growing here too. Lemon-y wonderful smell, especially when it gets rained on. I have used some of the leaves to saute with fish or chicken. The tiny flowers are also attractive to pollinators, which is always a good things. Never thought of making tea, so I might have to try that. Thanks Marc-Andre!

      • Let me know :D. And yeah it’s the same spelling in German actually xD Nubes goes nuts for it and is straight in the cup. Oli is like hmmm maybe *tiny lil slurp*

  3. Oh, you now have a delightful table to join your bench, cozy spot for a little tete-a-tete. It’s so much better El Fresco than in bed (if someone’s stolen your pillows).

    • Got that coffee table last week, in the shop where I bought the bench. It is made from the same (fair trade) wood.

  4. I would also love to sit in a garden such as yours Herman. As for the last/missing piece of dark chocolate, I believe Bowie was just inspecting your cup for clues.

    • I spend the last 3 years at home, I lost that travel feeling. I’m so happy with this garden, Mary J.

  5. Rick made buckwheat-blueberry pancakes from scratch, with our own blueberries. Fresh coffee and tea with cream. The cats had homemade cat food, fresh catnip. Nothing like summer in the gardens! Mr. Bowie looks like he may be sampling tea with cream?

    • Oh no…!! Pancakes… Blueberries… Say no more! Any leftovers…??
      I bought blueberries yesterday, to mix them in junket, a milk-based dessert.
      The local weatherman predicts heatwave conditions from tomorrow. Think I’m going to enjoy my vacation…

      • Never any leftover pancakes here… 🙂 We are overflowing with blueberries this year. I could have just given you a few quarts. It would be hard getting them to Belgium though… Junket – my mother used to make that!

  6. Objection, my Lord! My human brought this single cup of something, and did not sit down herself, so naturally I thought it was for me. Now that she has said ‘Hands off,’ You can see that I have left most of it in. And she said ‘Hands off’ AFTER I had started checking it. Honest Meow! I rest my case, my Lord.

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