Mr. Freeze


Ice Ice Baby. A local store delivered a brand new deep freezer. So the crew is busy preparing for the 5-55-5 party. Every year, in the third week of July on Mr. Bowie’s Gotcha Day or my birthday, I like to invite my closest family members and my best friends to a party, aka Puddingfest. This year, lots of ice cream flavors will be available.

There’s nothing worse than a warm drink, so I think you’re going to love the ice cubes, Mr. Bowie.

17 responses

  1. I’m sure the freezer will get lots of use. My favorite of ice cream is coffee so I’m curious We know how you feel about coffee, Herman. What’s the verdict on coffee ice cream?

  2. Enjoy the new freezer Herman! Fresh blueberries go well on chocolate ice cream . 🙂 Mr. Bowie, I bet, would like to see that freezer filled with fresh salmon. Do hope you get that new macro lens.

  3. An extra freezer is so handy to have. You can stock up on frozen things. I see part of a nice looking cat tree there, with sisal rope on the uprights. MaChatte really likes scratching on those on her tree. Have a great weekend!

  4. Great, now I have that crazy song in my head. I’d actually like to climb right into that freezer right now. It’s very warm here today, 29C I think but no breeze. I’ve been hanging out in our new and super cool basement. Thank goodness for that. Warm whether makes me sleepy, it’s a cats life for me. Two cubes in my glass please.

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