Please, Have a Seat


Why don’t you have a seat? I bought this garden bench from a fair trade shop that’s selling a unique line of fair trade products, hand made in Indonesia. Fair Trade means what you buy matters. Fair Trade supports communities and it means fair pay and working conditions for farmers and producers.
Mr. Bowie stands fully behind this idea. And I think he likes the new garden bench.


32 responses

  1. He likes that seat indeed! He has expressed his approval by seating himself there. And I like that Bench, too. Very Simple, but looks both Beautiful and Comfortable.

  2. Love the ethical aesthetic. And as usual, color-coordinated. (Eyes, bench.) I love visiting here, it’s restful and pleasing and so thank you, yes, I will take a seat. Even though we’re going to be going head-to-head in the World Cup, if my human has told me right? I will abstain from partisanship in that match-up. That’s how much I honor you guys! –Bugs

  3. The bench is great and Fair Trade is great and then of course, there’s Mr. Bowie who’s just wonderful. That bench looks like it needs napped on.

  4. Very pretty! I like both garden furniture and ethical sourcing. It may be the only way you can get real wood furniture any more, too! And why should a cat sit on anything else?

  5. That is a lovely bench on the catio, and glad to hear it is Fair Trade in origin. Mr. Bowie looks quite proud of it! No furniture has been properly integrated into a household until a cat has sat upon it.

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