Newsflash #6


Belgium beats Russia. With one lightning-quick counterattack in the 88th minute from teenage striker Divock Origi and Eden Hazard, Belgium grabbed a 1-0 victory over Russia at Estádio do Maracanã on Sunday and a place in the World Cup’s Round of 16.



46 responses

  1. Does this qualify for one of the surprises you suggested the Red Devils might pull off? I don’t follow futbol, so I don’t know which teams are considered better than others.

    • Don’t know. I was jumping around but Mr. Bowie kept his cool, or maybe he was waiting for his treats?

  2. It was quite exciting. I expect Mr. Bowie knows you are happy and celebration is in order, during which he will be suitably rewarded as a staunch supporter.

  3. We gaan nog verder, zwart en wit samen komen we er!!! Tweede foto vind ik supermooi, die handen, die omarming…kippevel, whoop, whoop…en Bowie die kijkt precies of hij weet wat er nog gaat komen!

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