Pentecost Monday


Very hot and dry weather will continue. Unfortunately, there’s also a forecast for “isolated thunderstorms” in the late afternoon. But right now I’m having a lungo espresso in my garden. Pentecost Monday is a public holiday in this part of the world, so let’s enjoy this wonderful sunny day, Mr. Bowie. Happy Napping Day, my friend!

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  1. Hot and dry weather with isolated thunderstorms–sounds like the weather we are having.
    I love the sound of thunder….but my cats don’t. They go behind the couch and hide.

  2. Great spot to relax Mr Bowie 🙂 we have a public holiday for the Queen’s birthday…it’s not her birthday though?? go figure Hugs Fozziemum

  3. Mr Bowie definitely knows how to deal with the weather. He looks like a pretty cool cat in the photo.
    Enjoy your coffee and holiday Herman.

    • Thank you, Bugs, but I’m not that good. I’m just lucky that Mr. Bowie hangs around my place…

    • Thank you, Ellie. We had a great 4 day weekend with lots of sunshine and also some heavy thunderstorms too. Hope you had a great weekend too…

  4. That looks like a lovely shady spot, and Mr. Bowie is enjoying himself! Have a wonderful Holiday! 🙂 Forecast is for a drier than normal summer here.

    • Thank you, Lavinia! Let’s hope we all have a good, long and warm summer. And no thunderstorms, please…

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