A Hard Place


Between a rock and a … rock. To choose between options in the decision-making progress can be overwhelming. Should I have a Fortissio Lungo or a Linizio Lungo?

Enjoy the warm evening sun, Mr. Bowie. Life is beautiful, even on a Monday…

23 responses

  1. Herman, what a wonderful shot of Mr Bowie. I give it a 10 for subject matter and everything else (but especial the subject that matters, Mr Bowie.)

  2. Mr. B is such a natural. How do you get him so still and pose for the camera? Pretty soon he’ll be struttin’ down the catwalk.. ♪Yeah on the catwalk!♪

  3. I vote Fortissio Lungo, it’s full bodied and rich character. Remind you of anybody 😉 snicker.
    By the looks of those giant rocks, it seems like you’ve been transported to a distant planet. Hopefully Toranius Prime and not some desolate, perhaps hostile planet, set phaser to stun 😀

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