A Hard Place


Between a rock and a … rock. To choose between options in the decision-making progress can be overwhelming. Should I have a Fortissio Lungo or a Linizio Lungo?

Enjoy the warm evening sun, Mr. Bowie. Life is beautiful, even on a Monday…

23 responses

  1. Herman, what a wonderful shot of Mr Bowie. I give it a 10 for subject matter and everything else (but especial the subject that matters, Mr Bowie.)

  2. Warm rocks! The perfect temperature for sunbathing! Abbe loves to lie on the ones at my mom’s house and sunbath too 🙂
    Marty’s Mom

  3. Mr. B is such a natural. How do you get him so still and pose for the camera? Pretty soon he’ll be struttin’ down the catwalk.. ♪Yeah on the catwalk!♪

  4. I vote Fortissio Lungo, it’s full bodied and rich character. Remind you of anybody 😉 snicker.
    By the looks of those giant rocks, it seems like you’ve been transported to a distant planet. Hopefully Toranius Prime and not some desolate, perhaps hostile planet, set phaser to stun 😀

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