A Feline Afloat


You are what you read. Don’t leave credit card info on your computer. There is no doubt that unauthorized use of a credit card is a bad thing. I consider myself very lucky, Mr. Bowie only gave himself a belated birthday gift.

Now, Bailey, can we get your pawtograph, please?

14 responses

  1. I can’t blame Mr. Bowie for purchasing Miss Louise and Bailey’s book……it’s even “cat-sized” – we’re waiting to get our copy too…..enjoy the read Mr. Bowie!

    Sam and Pam

  2. Awel dan heeft Bowie goed gekozen, voor hetzelfde geld zat je daar nu met een boek over de Pussycat of zoiets…

  3. An intellectual Mr. Bowie, choosing a book. Very reasonable in his birthday choice, too. I hope you enjoy reading it together.

  4. What an adventure Bailey is on. Don’t you wish you could go along with? I think I’d sail to
    New Zealand to visit my friend Pauline and her kitty Orlando. Where would you like to sail to Bowie?

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