Lost Memories


My fifth birthday. I don’t remember much about my fifth birthday or any of my birthdays, really. But hey, It’s not about me, it’s about you, my dear friend. Happy Birthday to my big 5 year old boy. Three cheers for Mr. Bowie! Hip hip hip…

PS: We love you! Dark nougat chocolate for everybody…

45 responses

  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Bowie…..Five is a GREAT age and you “wear it well” my friend. I hope Herman gave you a special treat while he had his yummy dark chocolate?? Sending a birthday hug from me and my Mom both……


  2. Happy birthday Mr. Bowie. I hope you got some special treats on the special day of a very special cat!

  3. Mr. Bowie, I found the most amazing photo with your name–I had no idea about your distinguished service! 😉 I’ll share on your Facebook page and hope your human can retrieve it there.

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