Floating Museum


All aboard! Today I went to a nice exhibition in the cargo hold of a boat. The exhibit commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Albert Canal. The Albert Canal (Dutch: Albertkanaal) is a canal located in northeastern Belgium, which was named for King Albert I of Belgium. The canal connects Antwerp with Liège, and also the Meuse River with the Scheldt River.


The Albert Canal was constructed from 1930 through 1939. The German construction company Hochtief AG worked on the canal between 1930 and 1934, but then it was completed by Belgian companies. My grandfather worked for one of the Belgian companies and helped with the actual excavation of the canal.




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    • Thank you, Timothy! The canal runs almost through my back yard and the cargo boat stopped for a few days in our town. I could even walk to the exhibition…

  1. Herman & Mr. Bowie – nice photos! Thanks for the opportunity to see what’s happening on your side of the world. Nice museum and view into your history!

  2. I agree with Timothy, the photos are great. You got wonderful exposures and it looks like the light might have been tricky. I love boats and small historical museums too, and in combination with good coffee, makes me want to book a flight.

    • Thank you, Angela, glad you liked the post!

      PS: Please hurry… the cargo-boat is leaving tomorrow! 😉

  3. Seems like everything you do there is done with such style. Love the decor of the cafe. Did your dad get to go with you Herman? Hey! I went and test drove an Audi Q5 today. Really liked it. I brought home the brochure to look at all the combo possibilities, very excited. I don’t know how I’ll ever decide 😀

    • Hey Boomdee, this was really a very beautiful and cozy exhibition. I ask my Dad but he said it would be to exhausting for him due to the many stairs on the boat.

      PS: Don’t hestitate, my friend. Go for the Q5, it’s a beautiful car, (or pick a Volvo XC60… 😉 ).

  4. Thank you for the glimpse into your Grandfather’s world. I love the internet for that. 🙂 The diving suit is fascinating.

    • I’ve never been to an exhibition so close to home. The quay where the cargo-boat docked is less than 1 km from my house…

  5. The suit is totally cool! A very appropriate idea to have the museum “float” around…I love the idea that the museum actually visits you!

    • For the first time I could walk to a museum from my home. And yes, that suit was really cool, (but a bit too small for me…).

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