Night Moves


Okay, this is not the most original shot. It’s fun to play with the shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings on your camera. I would love to do night photography but I’m afraid of the dark.

PS: You should clean your UV filter, my friend.

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  1. I love it. Maybe a good way to overcome you fear of the dark is to do night photography. If anything you could do a series photos that show nothing but black and have a photo show called “Why I’m Afraid of the Dark” (my attempt at a bit of dark humor). I was out at 3:00 am to start the irrigation water. Didn’t see much moving at that hour besides me, the water and the clouds.

    • Thank you, Timothy.

      PS: I’m always seeing and hearing creatures in the dark… But I like to believe nothing’s out there! I know, I’ve seen to many horror movies when I was a kid… 😉

      • I see and hear a lot of creatures in the dark and they are really out there. I don’t go outside our house at night without a flashlight anymore. I’ve tripped over raccoons more than once, and one time I stepped on a skunk and got sprayed point blank (Pepe le Piu was not happy). Now that we have porcupine hanging around and walking the same paths that I use, I don’t want to end up picking quills out of my legs if I run into one in the dark. BTW my wife won’t go outside on our property by herself at night because she’s afraid of the monsters;)

        • Oh boy, it’s a real jungle out there where you live. We only got bats, the neighbourhood cats and of course, (watch your step) snails!

  2. Nice photo! If you’re using a DSLR, those spots in the sky are likely dust on your camera’s sensor. Not unusual. You can remove them by using a “cloning” or “healing” tool in a number of free and paid image editors. Or you can have the manufacturer or repair shop clean the sensor. Some DSLRs have a self-cleaning sensor. Check your manual. I believe you’re taking a class, so you might get some first-hand info there. Greetings to Mr. Bowie. 🙂

  3. That’s looks more like what I would call twilight. You can take some lovely shots then and twilight is only vampires, right?

    • True, it wasn’t really dark at that moment. Oh no, vampires… thanks for warning me, Angela! Garlic… I need garlic…

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