Fallen Angel


Mr. Bowie says “No!” Hey, I’m open-minded but for me religion is a very personal thing and I don’t like discussing it with other people. Yesterday I got a standard Belgian license plate for my new car. This may shock some of you: it’s not okay for me to drive Mr. Bowie around in a car with a license plate that contains ‘666’. I wanted to get a personalized licence plate but these plates cost an additional 1,000 Euros. A little too expensive for me. I’m going to exchange the plate today…

Love, peace and chocolate.

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  1. (EN) ….it must be a witch car: 666 + cat 😉 …funny,very funny 😀
    (IT) …deve essere l’auto delle streghe : 666 + un gatto 😉 …divertente,davvero divertente 😀

  2. ooh, red numbers…I remember from my years in Belgium (Eupen), rising taxes, but nice area & very nice people, cats & dogs included …
    wishing you happy Easter…and peace in Europe…:-)))

    • Peace in Europe… Yes, we really need it…
      You’re right, the Eupen area is a very beautiful place to live.

  3. I’m really jealous! I wanted 666 on my license plate, but couldn’t get it. Once, way back when I was on the village planning and zoning commission, I convinced the other commissioners to vote against a development proposal that violated the master plan. The old-timer, who knew us all and thought she would get away with her plan, got so mad that she called me the “Ant-Christ” among a string of other unpleasant names. This was in a public meeting nonetheless. Since then I have felt it an honor, and have held the number 666 dear to my heart.

    • Wow… what a story!
      I’m sorry to tell you the ‘666’ license plate was destroyed this morning by a member of the Belgian administration. And it cost me 30 Euros!

      • Oh Man! You lost your religion!

        Truly. There is a highway on the western edge of New Mexico that runs from Gallup, NM, north through Shiprock, NM and the “Four Corners” where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah all come together. It was US Highway 666. It’s an isolated stretch of road in New Mexico that runs through the Navajo reservation. The name was changed to US Route 491 several years ago. The authorities said it had nothing to do with the number 666 or the fact that here were a lot of accidents and fatalities on US Highway 666 ove there years earning the nickname “The Devil’s Highway”. Yah! Right!

        • Hey, I’ve been there, kinda… There is an episode in Breaking Bad, ‘Cornered’ (season 4) where Skyler considers escaping to Colorado, going so far as to drive to the Four Corners Monument, but ultimately reconsiders. I saw the last and final episode yesterday. Overall, I was very impressed by the desert and red rock landscapes.

          Ha ha ha…”The Devil’s Highway”… sounds like an AC/DC song! Rock on, my friend!

  4. They say discretion is the better part of valor, Herman. To keep Mr. Bowie and yourself safe from the onslaughts of the oversensitive is priority, I think.

  5. Wow! 1000 Euros is an incredible amount for personalized plates! Of course, your plates stay with a vehicle from purchase till it’s recycled, don’t they? (I think…)

    Here, in my state, we have the same plates five years, and personalized plates are an extra $50 on top of registration and taxes each year. That seemed like too much till I read what they cost you! There are other special designs (the university football team fan plate, plate for survivors of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and others) or just special alpha-numeric plates or all alpha or all special numeral plates, within certain guidelines (no obscene plates, for example).

    • Here in Belgium the license plate stays with the owner, not with the vehicle. If you sell the car you got to remove the plate (but you can use it on another car…).

  6. Gads, I never watch scary movies but oh dear, that falls in the category of ‘what were they thinking’. Unless you can mount that puppy upside-down, it would be perfectly understandable to exchange. Exorcise that plate tout de suite.

    • I couldn’t sleep last night with that plate in my house. I left the house at 7 am to get me a new license plate… 😉

  7. Definitely not car plate you want to have.

    As for the chocolate, may you have much this weekend and Mr. Bowie have lots of catnip and other treats.

    • It’s a local tradition to eat lots of chocolate eggs in the Easter weekend!

      I got a new license plate this morning and the ‘666’ plate is already destroyed. Now bring on the chocolate eggs…

  8. Ja super welke reacties er zijn, plezant om lezen…en wees maar zeker dat er morgen “chocolate eggs” zijn, de Paasbunny is al geweest bij de Ba!

  9. 666…., laat mijn gsm-nummer zo eindigen en daarbij woon ik nog in het Duivelstraatje ook!
    Prettig weekend Herman en Bowie. 🙂

    • Joke had het me vertelt van je gsm-nummer. En dan die straatnaam… als dat maar goed afloopt! Ik zou om te beginnen onmiddellijk een nieuw gsm-nummer aanvragen… En wie weet, misschien ook maar verhuizen! 😉

      • Haha Herman, ik voel me hier super en volgens mij brengt ons straatje en mijn gsm me alleen maar geluk hoor!

  10. That definitely needs to be exchanged, Mommy has a personalized plate. It says “PRRFCT”. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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