Inside Llewyn Davis

Folk singer with a cat. You queer? I’m a big fan of the Coen brothers. I’ve got all their films on DVD or Blu-ray. I love the storytelling, the gorgeous cinematography, the memorable dialogue and the fine balance of humor and pathos.

Inside-Llewyn-Davis-catcopy_zpsfa449f75Last night I watched Inside Llewyn Davis, it’s about a week in the life of a young singer, played by Oscar Isaac, as he navigates the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961. It’s hard to understand that Inside Llewyn Davis, probably the best film of 2013, has been overlooked in most Oscar nominations. The real star of this film is actually a ginger tom cat with the on-screen name Ulysses.

Mr. Bowie was offered the title role but declined, saying that some people and cats would not be able to look past him as a star to see the importance of the film.


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    • Maybe Inside Llewyn Davis wasn’t a big hit by Coen brothers standards but I’m sure you’re going to like it, though Mr. Bowie fell asleep watching it…

  1. Mr. Bowie is smart to avoid all the hoopla that being a kitty-star can bring…..all those limo rides and awards ceremonies and girlcats wanting pawtographs. The simple life is much better!


  2. Thanks again for another good movie tip. I like the Coen brothers films but like Animal Couriers I hadn’t heard of this one. No explosions, no publicity, I guess.

    • Oh yes and it made me cry big time! I wish it was available on DVD or Blu-ray in this part of the world…

  3. Oh, geez! I REALLY want to see this. I’ve heard some of the music, it’s so up my alley. I saw the lead actor interviewed on a talk show. I’m certain he said he had to learned to play guitar just for this roll. Can you believe it? The whole ‘Oscar’ thing is such a racket. I’ve heard, half the members never see the movies they vote for. It seems more about posturing in Hollywood. Such a shame. It’s the smaller, personal stories that need the attention.

    I be the Orange Tabby was relieved that Mr Bowie turned down the roll, LOL ! I’m sure poor little kitty has bills to pay, it’s expensive to live in Hollywood.

  4. I just saw this film last night and loved it! I’m a huge Coen brothers fan, and this one did not disappoint! Thank you for your post and hi to Mr. Bowie! Big hugs, Cher xo

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