Road information. City workers placed a new road sign a few hundred meters from my house. Most unusual, I never saw or heard anything about a deer in my hometown.


Young Bambi: What happened, Mother? Why did we all run?
Bambi’s Mother: Mr. Bowie was in the forest.

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  1. Not a good sign. I have a friend who lives in Virginia, where they are overrun with deer. He’s been broadsided and run over by deer on his bicycle and motorcycle more than once.

  2. Timothy, we live in Virginia – in the country – and the deer problem is HUGE. They eat everything in our yard and the roads are littered sadly with their carcasses from not being able to cross roads in time…They are fearless (and have horrible eyesight) so lots of accidents with runners, motorcycles, and bicyclists. Herman, once word spreads that Mr. Bowie patrols your area, you won’t have to worry about deer – they’ll keep their distance!!!!


  3. Deer will chase cats, believe it or not. When our Old Klaatu was around, Rick saw him running for his life towards the house, followed by a doe in hot pursuit. Rick ran out towards the row of vines the cat and deer were barreling down, and the deer veered off. Can only figure Klaatu must have come upon her fawn somewhere out back, or she found his cookbook….

  4. I take it you don’t have many deer in and around usually?

    I’d might be more on the look out for little ‘Flower’, Mr Bowie might even bring him home with him LOL “Look Daddy, I found a black and white cat in the forest !”

  5. Geweldige post….ik denken waar is dat…. voor de Maneshoevestraat? Moeten we zeker eens gaan wandelen met Bowie!

    • Klopt. Vorige week hebben ze die borden geplaatst, ook aan de andere kant als je van de Nete komt. Ik vraag me af waar die herten hier ergens rondlopen…

  6. I’m in Virginia, too, and Onespoiledcat does not exaggerate. Better have Mr. Bowie keep an eye on the garden, or it will be eaten down to dirt. Deer can jump a six foot wall, by the way.

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