Hurry Up!

It is very difficult or impossible to fool or mislead a cat on laundry day. Cats have a lot more fun on laundry day then people. No, I’m not the biggest fan of laundry day. Mr. Bowie’s always excited for this special day. I have no idea why the cats love this day so much.


‘Bring on the fresh bed sheets. Hurry up, human… I’m waiting!’

29 responses

  1. Lucy always leaps up as we’re making the bed and tussles around in the sheets. Lily prefers to be “trapped” between the fitted sheet and the mattress. So then there’s a big blob of cat moving around slowly under all the linens once the bed is made. They are weird.

    • My Bengal does that too, and the tuxedo I used to have enjoyed the same recreation. When I lift up the sheet finally the cat looks appalled and squirts out like a flying streak.

  2. Warm towels, laundry baskets, fresh sheets on the bed…they are irresistible to cats. Not sure if it’s the warmth, the smell, or if they’ve been bored all day and this is their version of “fun”. If only we could give them the ability to actually do the laundry…

  3. Several of the cats I’ve had always wanted to get under the sheets as I was making the bed up. They were all cats that wouldn’t tolerate being covered up in any other way, including MaChatte. They like to stay a while and be that bed lump. None of them were ever willing to explain that to me. Cats are such a mystery.

  4. I should consider investing my retirement fund in ‘Lint Roller’ shares. I go thru them faster than I can get to the market. You’re smart to cover your entire bed with an extra blanket. No matter where I put the ‘cat blanket’ they find a new ‘favourite’ place to sit….little kitty games 😀

  5. Beautiful photo. This post reminded me of this one time I was at my parents place, I was making my bed in the morning, I took the blanket and shook it to straighten it… what I didn’t know is that the cat had curled herself up inside it… oh dear, haha, I basically threw her to the other side of the room poor thing! She refused to acknowledge me for the rest of the day. I would have too, in there situation.

    • Ha ha ha… great story (well, maybe not for the cat…)! Welcome on HoB, Sofia. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Ah … *sigh … but I’m sure you already know that fresh linen is one of life’s underestimated luxuries 😉

  7. My cat jumps into the basket of clean laundry, jumps into the warm dryer with the clothes still in it and loves to snuggle down into fresh washed sheets or blankets. Of course I do, too. The fresh washed sheets or blankets, not into the dryer 🙂

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