Whisker stress. I got this stone cat dish for free at the local supermarket. They say it’s a luxury dish, ergonomically designed for anti-whisker stress. Whisker stress is a very common phenomena that affects cats, although unknown to many pet owners. Personally, I don’t think Mr. Bowie suffers from it. I think we humans are more stressed-out than our cats.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to to refill the dish.

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  1. I’ve considered feeding my two Persians on a plate instead of from bowls, both because of their short muzzles and because of the whisker stress business. There’s always a ring of food they can’t get to at the bottom. I had a ginger cat that’d pick individual pellets out of the bowl and eat them on the floor. I suspect (now) he had whisker stress.

  2. Whisker stress….not familiar with it either….but I do know that if Sam doesn’t want to put his head down into a bowl for some reason he just pulls whatever is in there OUT with his paw. Stress? I think he just likes to play with his food!


  3. I have two low, ceramic dishes for the young ones. At times Ziva will pick up a piece or two of kibble and eat them outside her dish. Not sure if that’s whisker stress or mom simply needs to wash her dish. Anyhow, Bowie is a king – he gets the best of everything!

  4. He seems to like it, but would like it better if it had something in it, yea. If he doesn’t have whisker stress and you soon have spring, there won’t be any stress at your house at all!

  5. My cats’ favorite is an old skillet without the handle. They can put their whole face in there. I read about the whisker thing years ago while obsessively collecting books about cats.

  6. Allegedly the great artist of surrealism Salvador Dali suffered from whisker stress, which made him twirl his moustache in compulsive, grotesque manner during phases of creativity.

    • Just wondering how I would look with a moustache…
      Didn’t know this story about Dali. Thanks for telling us.

  7. I think now we have the answer to those drawings whichs which show the cat’s bowl “empty” with a circle of food still around the edges. I must apologize to my Mi Sun, I thought she was finicky, now I know it was whisker stress. Shame on me!

  8. I’ve noticed that Zoey prefers a wider bowel and she only drinks water from the big dog bowls! I believe she could suffer from whisker stress.

    • Hi Aimee. There seems to be a lot of believers and non believers about this ‘whisker stress’ thing… I don’t really know what to think about it myself… Let’s just take good care of our cats.

  9. Well that is something new for us…never knew there was such a thing as whisker stress. I do know that my cats prefer to eat from a plate. We hope Mr. Bowie is enjoying his food from the new bowl. That is cool that you got it free. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Hey Computer Cat, welcome on HoB. I got this bowl at a Carrefour supermarket. Carrefour S.A. is a French multinational retailer headquartered in Boulogne Billancourt, France. It is one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world.

  10. Oh, how I wish I could feed Lui Stringer on Whiskas – it would save me SO MUCH money … :-\
    I agree with you re ‘whisker stress’, Herman: and if you watch a cat feed from a bowl, you’ll observe it getting to the edge, regardles of the bowl’s size, and not being fazed one bit !

  11. I have never heard of ‘whisker stress’…I believe there is a room of ad men/ women who are tasked to prey upon the neuroses of cat people ;)… I will discuss this with the ‘boys’, however.

    • Ha ha ha…!! This is great, my dear Boomdee. I posted the picture on Mr. Bowie’s Facebook page. Thank you big time. I was lying in bed with the flu for 2 days but you just made me feel better!

  12. I had a cat with the whisker stress thing. She would turn the bowl over and eat off the floor. I quickly learned to feed her from a wide shallow bowl.

  13. Howling Mad used to get scabs on the bottom of his chin. I guess it was due to his plastic dish. I switched to porcelain dishes immediately, and the problem was solved! I’ve never heard of whisker stress. You learn something knew every day! Ellie

    • Yes you do, Ellie. Mr. Bowie prefers porcelain dishes too, just like me. I hate drinking coffee in plastic cups…

  14. Yes, I’ll have to agree…the human stress of worrying about whether you may end up missing an eye at feeding time, or half past, worse yet, is much more heavy on a brain. Whisker stress? Really? Pahhhh! What WILL they conjure up next? 😉

    • I would love to be a cat in these weirds times… Guess they don’t think much about a corona-virus… They only want their food and treats… 😉

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