A bitter disappointment. I bet the Italians made the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences members an offer they couldn’t refuse. Who should have won: The Broken Circle Breakdown. Please go see this movie.

Fortunately, there was this amazing homemade chocolate cake…


Can I have another piece of chocolate cake? Boy, why am I losing weight?

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  1. I take it you didn’t care for the outcomes of the Academy Awards? I have no idea what the outcomes were, and have never seen the Academy Awards. I added “The Broken Circle Breakdown” to my Netflix queue — it should be available by the time we send back the DVD that’s been waiting for us to watch since August. At least you had some chocolate cake on hand.

    • The chocolate cake was the only real winner yesterday…
      Hope you’ll enjoy ‘The Broken Circle Breakdown’.

      • We watched The Broken Circle Breakdown last night. It’s a well done movie, but too depressing, and too close to reality in many ways for me.

        Before I started chemo in 2010, I had a bone marrow biopsy. The was one of the most painful procedures I have ever had. The doctor told me that she had to do it to some children with leukemia once a week. I just couldn’t image how those poor kids could deal with that kind of pain on a weekly basis.

        When I was 16 a friend was killed in a motorcycle accident, he was 15 years old. His mom went through the same process as Elise, and never recovered from his death. Similarly, another friend committed suicide in is early twenties. I saw is mom some years later, and she was basically a walking dead person. It broke my heart to see a woman who had been like a second mom to me go from a beautiful, vibrant person, full of life to a vacant shell of a woman who felt she no longer had a purpose in life.

        • Thank you for your heart touching comment, Timothy. I was deeply moved. I would like to apologise for not warning you about the dramatic movie contents.

          • No problem. I pretty much knew what was going to happen. It’s really a good movie, and the music is fantastic. I don’t regret watching it at all, but just wanted to pass on some of my thoughts about it.

  2. They should be renamed the ‘virtual reality’ awards. Backslaps all round for the luvies and we, the real audience, can vote with our attendance. Mind you, don’t see chocolate cake like that at the cinema…

  3. Herman, it won the Washington D.C. Film Critics Award. It’s nice for me to know there are actually some smart people in Washington. Also, it gives hope they will show it, maybe in one of the museums. The cake will not be available. Too bad.

  4. You’ve seen The Broken Circle Breakdown?! I’m always surprised when people watch Belgian movies. I am from Belgium, by the way. So yes, The Broken Circle Breakdown should definitely have won the Oscar 😉

    • Hi there! Of course I’ve seen The Broken Circle Breakdown, I’m from Belgium too…!! 😉
      Love your photographs and blog.

  5. She doesn’t look broken at all, she actually looks rather fit 😉 If it shows up at the Princess Theatre (our arty theatre in town), I will be sure to go see it. The only show we saw from recently was ‘Her’ and I loved it. Joaquin Phoenix is so talented.

  6. Hmmm..SO happy to see this post RIGHT at this moment. I am half way through the ATROCIOUS film that won best foreign. It is SLOW, TALKY, PRETENTIOUS, FATUOUS, and so on, and so on. Oh sure, I ‘get’ the ‘point’ when I read reviews, etc. But to watch something so DEVOID of emotion and humanity. NO THANKS. (Want to know what I really think?! Kidding!!) Hate it. LOVE (as you know) “Broken Circle Breakdown” which has EVERYTHING: drama, music, humor, sex, love, pathos, politics, etc., etc. I don’t care if I just wasted $3.99 on Amazon streaming. I am shutting the “The Great Beauty” (AKA The Great UGLY) OFF.

    Peace out.

    • Yes you can, Christine! Check your reply a second time… 😉

      Love your first comment. So glad you liked ‘The Broken Circle Breakdown’.

  7. Seen today, on FaceBook: “Chocolate comes from cocoa, which comes out of a tree. That makes it a plant. Therefore, chocolate counts as salad. The end.”

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