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  1. Wow! A free tunnel! Where I live it is more like where M.R. is. Actually they probably would just have put the expressway through on top and wrecked the nature preserve. You are lucky to have such fun adventures and such thoughtful road planning..

    • One more thing… did I mention our fine Belgian chocolate…??

      PS: This tunnel project/new expressway was very, very expensive but it’s worth every penny…

    • Dat komt nog wel, maar die politie escorte zal er dan niet meer bij zijn (of ik zou te snel moeten rijden…+90 km/u). Oh ja, ik hoorde daarstraks op ‘t nieuws dat er traject-controle komt op de nieuwe expresweg.

  2. Are you holding out on us Herman? You’re actually a Belgian tycoon coming home from lunch with Albert Frere at De Heeren, the number 1 restaurant in Belgium. He wanted to pay you 10 million dollars for Mr Bowie, which of course you declined because Mr Bowie is priceless. If none of this is true, it’ll certainly make for good gossip around WordPress 😉

  3. Woo Hoo! We also had a very long awaited tunnel open a few months ago which makes our drive from where we live to the city of San Francisco much faster. Driving through it when it opened was cool…but we were not first like you Mr Herman. Paw pats, Savannah

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