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Are you breaking bad, Mr. Bowie? I have seen The Sopranos. I have seen The Wire. I didn’t fall asleep watching Lost. I have never seen Breaking Bad. I never watched series on television. Too many commercial breaks. Okay, I grew up watching Star Trek and once upon a time I fell in love with Dana Scully.
Yesterday I got a belated New Year’s present. Breaking Bad: The Complete Series DVD box set. So, when posting your thoughts or comments, please avoid revealing plot points or other spoiler elements. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going in the other room to watch the first episode.

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  1. We only ever watch series on DVD – too many commercials indeed but you have to be there to watch when the network wants you there. Guess what we’re watching now… Series 1… it’s great so far.

  2. I haven’t seen “Breaking Bad” though I’ve heard it’s not at all like Star Trek. If you don’t like it, Mr. Bowie and Herman, I hope you have some Star Trek shows to watch and ‘beam-up” to an alternate, fun surreality. (I just made up that word…and I like it.)

  3. Well now you are getting close to home. Breaking Bad was filmed in Albuquerque. I have never seen a single episode, as I don’t have a TV and I generally don’t watch TV series. Although I did see a 2 minute trailer of a scene that showed the programmer who works for me in a stand-in part he had in one of the episodes.

    • Hey Timothy, I was thinking about you and your photographs when I was watching the first episode last night and saw the show was shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  4. What a coincidence; I just downloaded the first 3 episodes on my iPad in case our electricity goes out in the next big snowstorm we’re expecting. We might be cold and in the dark, but at least we’ll be entertained!

  5. We’ve recently started watching it at home too (thanks to Netflix)! I was surprised how the series mixes a serious subject with humor. We love it so far.

  6. Hello – I am a new fan (and follower). Normally strictly a dog-person, who has owned the odd cat somewhere in this world, but I have to confess with a big smile, Mr. Bowie would always have a super pampering place in our house. Gosh is he handsome! Cant wait to read your antics here on this lovely blog. Thanks Herman.

  7. Such a great show! And it gets better every episode! The characters were fantastic; I’m glad you are taking an opportunity to see what the buzz is all about. 🙂

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