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I don’t like (the neighbourhood) cats. How can I stop neighbourhood cats from spraying my front door? This can be a very difficult problem to solve, as spraying is a very common behaviour trait in cats. The cat is making a very clear statement of territorial establishment or hostility.

I try to discourage the cats from approaching the area where they spray by placing water trays. It seems to work fine, so far. Except for Mr. Bowie.


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  1. Always clean the area with a solution that has active enymes like a laundry detergent in powder form.Any bleach vinegar or acidic based product will attract them. 🙂 Fozziemum

  2. Oh, good luck with that Herman. Are they wandering cats or do they belong to your neighbors? Just wondering if they have a human who needs to be encouraged to keep an eye on them and away from your door.

    • Ja echt, hij zoekt ook altijd de zalige plekjes op, ik heb hem gistervoormiddag niet gezien, Bowie lag heerlijk op baasje zijn bed.

  3. LOL Mr Bowie pulls ‘a Hoffman’….”Hey ! I’m walking here”. Looks like he’s showing the offenders how it’s done, hehe. Might have to go back to the drawing board.

  4. Yes, clean the area very thoroughly with a detergent, as suggested. I like a solution of Oxy-clean. Apparently a small ultraviolet light will help with spotting areas, because they’ll come for scents they can smell, but you cannot see. Citrus also is pretty helpful. Put out some orange peelings.

    I’ve had some luck with that and lemon juice in a dish, and citrus scented air fresheners.

  5. Ah Bowie. I love this kitty cause he so reminds me of my families old cat, Sultan. Sultan was thought to be part Russian Blue, and without the nose bit on Bowie, he reminds me a lot of that cat.

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